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A professional corpsman investigates if the larp is, indeed, over.
This place was Armageddon! And that's still true today.
BBR the First took place on the 11-14th of September 2014. The venue was Stråssa and the number of participants was about 200. The weather was clear for the whole weekend, bordering on nippy in the night time. On site medics reported no serious injuries. A wild time was reportedly had by all. We do not speak of the old website, but everything was in Swedish back then.

In Game

Rumors spread along the dusty roads and tradelines of the wasteland; an old world bunker filled with untold riches was about to open beneath an old sinter plant and mine in Stråssa.

Countless fortuneseekers and opportunists flocked to the location, bringing revelry, chaos and coin. Among them were three expeditionary forces from some of the heavier players on the field: the Holy Church, the Water Federation and Röda Folkfronten.

They made ready use of their resources and anyone they could bribe, bully or charm into collecting the sensor modules the bunker was sending to the surface. Their goal simple: establish control over whatever was sending those modules up and use it to further the goals of their organisations.

Only one group of note opposed the bunker opening and surrounding efforts. Their name was Organica, also known as the "red hoods". They were sometimes aided by Pansarvargarna, a notorious mercenary gang.

In the end, the Water Federation stood victorious. They borrowed the power of the bunker to destroy one of Röda Folkfrontens strongholds, hundreds of miles away from Stråssa.

That event provoked Organica to attack. They stormed the settlement, backed by a platoon of Pansarvargar. The Holy Church could be observed fighting at the side of the red hoods, their reasons unknown. Bullets hailed, bombs went off and lit up the sky. In other words:

This was a like a funking bomb dropping on the sinter plant. For a few hours, the place was armageddon! There was a firefight!

Once the dust settled and the fighting ended, the defenders - bloodied and determined - found themselves alive and alone. The enemy had been defeated and driven off. Whatever was left of Pansarvargarna withdrew to nearby Lindesberg and Organica were nowhere to be seen.

Calm once again blessed the little mining site. Many people broke camp and left. Others settled in for the winter, trading stories and pieces of old technology pulled out of the ground.

In the months that came, the Water Federation negotiated a favorable deal to keep both the bar and mine open. Their stake in the area seems to be primarily a religious one as opportunities for real profit are far and few in between. At least until new rumors start to spread …

Something is falling from the sky.

Something certain people are prepared to pay a life’s wages to get their hands on.

Once more, hundreds of questionable characters flock to the mining site. There’s money to be made, scores to settle and particular flavours of wasteland fun to be had.

Celestial Vengeance begins.