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The Chaosists
Extreme nihilism as a key to happiness
Agenda Ruin everything, destroy the world
Manners Terrible, evil, bad
Believers 7000ish across the world
Religious Center The Gateway
Ethics Awful - evil maniacs
Out of Game
Contact adam.l.nathanson@gmail.com

The Chaosists is an organisation that go under many different names. Some call them The Emissaries, The Gnostics or, more commonly, those sick bastards. They, themselves, do not have an official name they go under. The Chaosists are more a cult than anything else. They have one single purpose that they want to achieve in this world and that is to destroy it utterly. This nihilistic and destructive ideology attracts a great number of tyrants, murderers and raving manicas that are all to common in these days of pain and horror. In spite of, or perhaps thanks to, their violent life-style the Chaoisists regularly increase their numbers and influence. Sometimes even infiltrating other organisations to tear them down from within.


Most Chaosists do not sit at home and contemplate the philosophical implication if their ideology. They act! They go out in the world to spread their message of misery and hate. Due to the rather eccentric and individualistic nature of its members, the cult has a rather fluctuating organisation. Mostly it is composed of ever-shifting groups, gangs and cults in roughly 10-20 people. A member can leave a group when ever they please, either if it is to work alone or maybe to join a different gang. It is rare to meet a constellation of Chaosists that has remained unchanged for more than a year.

The nature and hierarchies within these groups are also different from gang to gang. Some are led by a warlord-like leader, while others have a completely flat organisation, and everything in between. This also mean that the Cult have no centralized leadership or organisation. The only authority that these groups recognize as higher than themselves is the goal to destroy the world. This both make the groups co-operate within but also with each other. Even if the beliefs or methods can vary greatly from individual to individual, one always respects the others work and do not (willingly) sabotage it or get in each other way (or face).

Most of these groups are pirates raiding the Baltic Sea and Kattegatt. These ravenous seafarers make the Scandinavian waters and coasts particularly dangerous to venture. The more ideologically inclined more often travel the lands to easily attack travelers, find recruits and infiltrate larger operations.

Despite the large and anarchistic organization of the Chaosisits, they have managed to keep many secrets and rites hidden from the non-members of the cult. To pretend be a Chaosist and not have the means to show it could be both deadly and painful.


The Chaosists have their main base of operations at The Gateway, the massive bridge-city that makes the way between Sweden and Denmark. However there is often no more than a fourth of the Chaosists members inhabiting the bridge at the same time. Most are out spreading the word and action of world destroying. Mostly the Cult is traveling the lands of Scandinavia and Germany, but others have been known to travel further away. Some are even said to be on a pilgrimage to rumored sacred places in the world in order to desecrate and pillage them.


The organisation makes its money in mainly two different ways. First there is pillaging, the groups (particularity the pirates) attack others and steal what they can. The other main income is The Gateway. To (relatively) safely travel from the continent to Scandinavia (or reverse) is to cross the bridge held by the Chaosists. You could always risk traveling by sea if you are prepared to face the pirates. Most choose the bridge, however. To cross the bridge you must pay a toll; this can both be in caps, but also ammunition, slaves, medicine or other goods. These can then be used to trade or use against other groups.

This location also give the Chaosists some degree of control of what enters Scandinavia and what does not. That power is seldom used in any rational way, however. If the gatekeepers think you will do more harm than good they will often let travelers keep what they have. Guns, ammunition, poison or just a malicious intent is exactly what the Cult want to spread as much as possible. Many raiders and gatekeepers often share their incomes with other groups of Chaosists that roam the lands in a more ideological work. Therefore the gangs are often wealthy and well equipped when traveling the lands, all to facilitate the interaction with people the meet.


The world is divided in two: The spiritual and the material - these two are opposites of each other. God is everything in the spiritual world, whereas the material world is only the product of an envious Creator God called the Demiurge. The Demiurge captured a part of the spiritual in his creation, which is this world. Thus was humanity created, beings with spiritual interior with secular bodies. The Chaosists want to break away from the mundane. The world and the material is a limit and a prison that has fettered their divine souls. The world is thus evil and must be destroyed. This is done by violating its rules. Natural laws are difficult to violate, but moral rules is easier! The more the rules are broken, the faster the cosmos will perish. Thus one should always actively go out into the world to spread so much devastation, misery and death as possible.

The Chaosists grade of religiosity varies greatly from individual to individual. Some believe the ideal, but not on the spiritual aspects, others engage in demonology, magic and the like due to their faith. Others still do not share the philosophical aspects at all, but appreciate the violent and sadistic lifestyle. There is also something called "The Last Battle" in the Chaosist faith. This is a mythical era in the future, when the world is crumbling and everyone outside the Cult is dead. At that time there will be a glorious last battle between the last survivors. All rules are off and you can get revenge for any slights or disagreements in the past with your companions. This is a factor that makes cooperation between Chaoisits members easier. If a conflict arises you can always "save it for the Last Battle".


The inhabitants of Killtown do sometimes have personal deals and relationships with the Chaosists. Except that, the Cult want no friends - they need no friends. They are the opposition of anything creative, improving or good.


- The Chaosists have infiltrated several other mighty organisations to bring them down from with in

- Some Chaosists can actually break the natural laws with what they say is magic

- All members of the Cult is mad. I guess you must be to follow such a destructive ideology

- Praising their individuality, most Chaosists break down if physically imprisoned or captured