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Top left, Kalix. Bottom left, Q Park. Right, Diakonen.
Top left: Kalix. Bottom left: Q Park. Right: Diakonen.
Agenda Fix the great machinery
Occupation Missionaries
Members 8 and growing…
Main income Donations, medical/mental/spiritual healing, organ trade, mercenaries and occasional scams
Out of Game

The world is a great machine! The machine is everything, the machine is life. All things around us works as a part of the larger whole, like cogs with its specific place and role to take. But something has gone wrong within the great machinery. The rust is spreading and cogs are failing all around us. This it is unmistakable for anyone who has eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch or noses to smell... the decay! Why, any and all senses will tell you the same thing, the great machinery is slowly falling apart. It is in desperate need of maintenance and care. We in Cognis Ultra has accepted our given place as the holy support crew with divine mission to diagnose and repair the system with any means necessary.

  • We need to reconnect the cogs by spreading the knowledge of the big machine and offer guidance. Every part has to be aware of it's importans as a cog in the larger whole. It is everyones responsibility to make sure that their place of contribution is working without flaw.
  • We strive to study. It is important to keep developing our understanding of the great machinery in order to proper diagnosing the faults and provide it the right care.
  • We have to eliminate the malfunctioning parts of the machinery. Some things are just not fixable. They better be removed.
  • We lubricate the great machinery!


Cognis Ultra is a rather new upstart religion as we have only existed for about 2 ½ years. The whole thing started when Q Park AB, Kalix and Diakonen (also known as Puppy) just happened to be traveling together with a big caravan, lead by the one that were going to become THE PROPHET. This caravan leader were heavily mutated and sick and needed to be attached to his wagon - that doubled up as his “wheelchair” and life saving support system (but none of us understood this). One day the caravan was attacked by group of roag robots that recklessly killed almost everyone except us, Q Park AB, Kalix, Diakonen, another guy (no one manages to remember his name) and the leader of the caravan. We managed to flee in the last minute, pulling the caravan leader from his wagon in an attempt to save his life (hoping for a reward of course). But even though we got away from the killing robots he seemed to be dying all by himself and we couldn’t understand why… During his last night alive he probably tried to explain to us that he needed to be reattached to his life support wagon but he had a hard time getting his words and his mind strait in the near death delirium. We all listed with reverence and wonder, interpreting his gibberish as the divine voice of truth (some of us may have been a bit high at this point). He told us about the world, the big machinery and the action of the gears. How everything is structured and interconnected. How each tooth has a significance for the rolling of the machinery that is life. But he also spoke of the broken parts, the rust and the decay that threatened it all and what we had to do in order to save it and make the big machinery work properly again. As the sun were rising he finally died and together we swore upon the big machinery to pick up his teachings and save the world! Well, everyone except that guy whose name no one remembered. He proclaimed that this was all nonsense and that we were all crazy. So Diakonen picked up his gun and shot him. He was obviously a malfunctioning part of the machinery after all... And so, the remaining trio traveled together into the world as the newly formed religion Cognis Ultra, preaching to people around us on the way. Since last year in Strossa, Cognis Ultra has grown with several new recruits!

The Cogs of the Cult

Q Park AB | The self-proclaimed cult leader. Preaching about the big broken machinery and searching for answers of what we need to do in order to repair it!

Diakonen | Diakonen is somewhat like a puppy - albeit a quite drug fuelled, raging, fanatical, murderous puppy. So not like a puppy at all...

Kalix Arjeplog | Fanatic preacher. Kalix has gone out in the wilderness on a hunt for knowledge, she may or may not come back, nobody knows.

Siouxie of the Cog | New recruit | Psykolog, con-artist and hacktivist.

Dr. Lissko | New recruit | Mutant Doctor. Believing that mutations are a sign of the machinery trying to repair itself by upgrading.

Murnau | New recruit | Mutant Nurse. Eager to participate in surgical operations, always scouting for organ "donors" and is heavily involved in organ "trade".

BD-11 (Bee-Dee) | New recruit | Mutant. Acquiring patients/research subjects. Sniffer dog and general muscle.

Porthos (The swashbuckling antihero) | New recruit | Lover, fighter, fuck up who found his family and calling with the cult. Hates conflict but loves fighting.