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Digerhamns fortress
What do we want? Treasures! And rum!
Main port Digerhamn (Southern Öland)
Main income Plunder
Out of Game
Contact jens@larsson.org

Ahoy, this be the page of Digerpiraterna (english: The Digerpirates)! They come from both land and sea driven by the most precious of matters in this world. Treasures. Seeking far and wide for adventures and gold, ye might have seen 'em or even suffered these seemingly untrustworthy pirates. Aye, but bribed with treasures, gold and rum they might feed some landlubbers to the fish for ye. Coming from Öland they hoist their colours pillaging the seas, shores and now - main land.

The Crew

A small crew have set sail for Stråssa. They have heard of great treasures and gold, lots of alcohol and a grand place where ye can be free and plunder what ye want. Led by their captain Angler they expect a great deal from Stråssa, longing to come home with grins on their filthy faces and pockets filled with gold. But most of all they hope to find an ancient treasure, rumored to be buried in the area, from the days when the sea reached Stråssa. This particular crew can be careless, delusional and fairly unreliable but they will fight 'til the end and gladly for gold and caps. What's a good warrior without a little recklessness?


When the great war came upon Öland most of its population felt left behind by the rest of the country and many grew bitter upon the government. Soon it came to the point that many of 'em realized no help be coming and so they started working together, at least on the southern part of the island. Suffering hard they endured the years o' war, rationing every scrap and being a most hardy and helpful folk. Given the circumstances they made it through fairly fine. Although there were losses, a lack of food and most of all medicine. So came the days after the war.

Feeling lost and depraved the people of southern Öland tried to make it without letting go of the kindness in their hearts. But they were soon to be led by a great woman; Old salt Amiral Shanty. She brought the people together, made plans to grow a small scale of food and taught 'em a thing or two. Things got done and the spirit the community was brought back to life, with a military force and defense starting to grow on the south part of the island. But one thing were stopping them from developing even further. The lack of medicine became such a big problem that too many went to the locker and the rebuiling businesses began to slow. Without medicine disease spread fast and the citizens were falling quick in numbers. So Amiral Shanty came up with a plan. They had to stop scavanging and start raiding. And they had to go beyond Öland. Aye, and to motivate her people she made 'em pirates, by all the means she could find on the erea. By the year of 2079 they had begun to set a mark around the area with their plundering and growing recklessnes, their numbers had stopped falling and started growing again. Shanty was now an old lady, she fell into eternal sleep knowing she had made a failing society into something that would thrive.

And thrive it did. With new generations being born, and others who joined their community from the outside world, they became a society even though they are small. They formed a capital, founded a small fleet of ships and other vehicles and suddenly ye didn't actually know the name of everyone who lived there. They all embraced the pirate life and took it to heart, especially since it had been Amiral Shantys passion. Today it is a society filled with violence, drinking, tales of legends, jolly rogers, hoarding of treasures but above all, freedom.



Digerhamn is the name of their capital, and as humble as pirates can be it is simply Degerhamn re-named after the time when everyone seemed to die on Öland. This is a dark and foul place, yet filled with music, song and laughter. Around every corner is a bar of some sort but of course most people go to the big inn by the sea. It is not much of an inn as a big pub, since the people of Digerhamn don't let outsiders in that easily. The towers of their fort reaches high up in the sky, where they can see far and wide from the impressive crow's nests. On the highest tower flutters a grand jolly roger, and from apertures here and there in the fortress you can see cannons ready. The people who live here call themselves Digerpiraterna (The Diger Pirates). Ye might have heard of them, but if ye have it is most likely not very pleasant memories as they still plunder villages and now more than ever live by the pirate code.