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Entities are what the Water Federation considers to be the life force of everything.

The Twins

SAMÍDA: Sand Mother Forceful, determined, single-minded, fierce, passionate, stormy

ERÁJDA: Water Mother Wise, patient, flexible, forgiving, nurturing

These twin sisters have their own distinct personalities, and also share many traits. They represent two halves of a whole; creation/descruction, wisdom/action. The bond and balance between them is so important that they're rarely represented or worshiped seperately. In fact, they're normally just called "la ĝemeloj" (The Twins). Their cult is the largest and most important within the Federation. The Temple of the Twins is one of the three official state temples in Midonas. It's presided over by two twin girls who are raised from birth within the temple walls. The worst thing that can possibly happen for the State is for these twin priestesses to die without any twin heirs.

State Entities

ÍLLION: Sun King Rash, aggressive, energetic, bold, reckless, happy, flamboyant
FEĜARI: Moon Queen Cool, controlled, subtle, profound, indirect, enigmatic
The entities that power the two most visible objects in our sky are a married couple that couldn't be more different. Íllion is pure masculine power; a big ball of hot-blooded vitality. His wife on the other hand, represents the power of subtle suggestion. Her full presence lights the desert just enough to help you find your way. They also represent the two essential strategies for warfare: upfront assault and backstage manipulation. But while an upfront bloody blitzkrieg has its uses, it's far more common that the Water Federation will use the threat of conflict to achieve its goals.
In contrast to The Twins, these two entities each have their own temples. The Palace of the Sun is staffed by an army of male priests, male ritualists and male partygoers (no girls allowed!!!!!!). It's also ornate beyond belief; housing most of the Federation's greatest treasures. The Moon Sanctum, by contrast is a place of quiet meditation; minimalistic with its large, dimly lit stone halls.

EREKAM: Electromagnetism Fertile, lusty, protective, bloodthirsty, insanely powerful
If there is one entity that the Federation MUST keep on side, it’s Erekam. Enraged over our enslavement of his children (electrical current), he ripped off the Sand Mother’s right breast and threw it at the Earth. This echoed into our own plane as the comet that caused The Catastrophe.
To make sure this never happens again, the Federation has as its prime directive to ensure the proper treatment, respect and reverence be paid to every electronic device that we encounter. If we can be sure of one thing, its that Erekam won’t take time to separate the guilty from the innocent should he be provoked again.
Erekam’s main temple is the House of Compensation, which lies in the deserts outside of Midonas. The House is kept at a distance for, in order to compensate Erekam for the employment of his children (electricity), we must give something equally precious back: our own (or, more accurately, others’) human blood.

This sacrifice was once seen as a brutal but necessary price. Those who collected the debt once did their unpleasant duty with reverent dignity. However, over the years, that duty—and the toxic power of Erekam’s own personality—have warped the temple’s priests into something not unlike Erekam himself. They’ve begun to take far too much pleasure in their work.