Friendly Fire

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Friendly Fire was the sixth Blodsband: Reloaded LARP. It took place in Stråssa on 12-14th of september 2019, about year after Shake Hands With Danger. There were 603 participants/paying crew participating.

In Game

In the long-ago time, people built amazing machines and systems to help them safeguard the future. It has now been well over one hundred years and those machines have found new uses, few of which are about safeguarding anything.

The year is now 2148.

Some of these machines are still online, blinking their time away around the settlement outside of Stråssa.

Some things happened that eventually led to the outspoken anti-robot group Kumla teaming up with the Panzerwolves against Klustret and Snapphaneklanen in an attempt to stop the robots that the two groups (for completely different reasons) want to keep online and running.