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HKM Comics is a subdivision of Hjortkloe Manufaktur (HKM) Publishing House. HKM Comics are printed in Progresse, New Västervik.

These comics are considered low-brow brain fodder for the underclass by the Board of Directors of Hjortkloe Manufaktur, and may at best be considered as an outlet for Hjortkloe propaganda. As such the contents of HKM Comics is of a cheap and shoddy production quality, with an emphasis on spectacle, scandal and violence in order to appeal to the primitive masses' base desires.

HKM Comics in Stråssa

The year 2148 saw HKM Sercurity Guard Konduktör Én sell HKM Comics Oblivion (2144) and Lion Hunt (2147) in Stråssa with foul salesman sharking. When attending an arena event, Borstis could be heard shouting "Köp Hjortkloe serier!" Much of the time, the newly printed HKM Comics would be given a sales pitch as toilet paper. At other times, the absence of Captain Leo's second shoulder cannon (newly installed in 2148) was used as an argument for the Lion Hunt (2147) comic being a strip tease, in order to appeal to Leo's ardent fans.

Oblivion (2144)

Oblivion (2144) is a historical comic booklet which deals with actual events of said year, involving treachery within Info Direkt and its hostile debtors, Gullstäutarna.

Lion Hunt 2147