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History. Where would we be today without yesterday? Somewhere better, probably. Here follows a brief summation of the most important events that lead up to end of the world as we knew it.

Ancient History

o/` It's all the same, only the daaaates chaaange

Early summer 2018: A comet (later designated P/2018 K2 ) is discovered by astronomers in India.

Early spring 2019: P/2018 K2 passes by Earth for the first time. The light show is spectacular. Preliminary calculations of the comet's orbit are equally spectacular and terrifying: it will return in 12 years and 10 months, and when it does it will be closer to Earth. The probability of impact with the planet by 2044 is estimated as 1 in 100. An international comity is formed to deal with the threat. he press names the comet "Kali" after the Hindu god of war Time and Destruction actually.

2021: The international comity's work shows that the best way to avoid impact is to place an enormous laser in orbit around Earth and use it to alter the comet's trajectory. Project International Orbital Defence System (IODS) begins and nations across the globe contributes with resources and personnel. The system is calculated to be operational in the 2030s, which should mean plenty of time to affect the comet.

2028: Various diplomatic complications and human error lead to serious delays and the expenses skyrocket. The deadline is pushed to 2042, which offers very slim margins for success.

2029: The project faces organised resistance from a group called the National Sovereignty Movement (NSM). NSM claims that scientists and world leaders have vastly overstated the risks associated with the comet Kali and that the whole project is a conspiracy aiming to end nation states and create one big global state. They further claim that IODS real purpose is to create a super weapon that will be employed against countries that refuse to submit to the new world order.

Winter 2032: Kali passes Earth for the second time and the probability of impact is now calculated at 1 to 3. Panic grips the planet.

2035: The world economy enters into a depression and NSM grows stronger. Political parties with ties to NSM exist in almost all major nations and gains ground the economy worsens.

2036: The "Progress and Prosperity Party" get absolute majority in the Russian elections. Russia immediately pulls out of IODS and increases its defence budget "in order to defend against the international conspiracy". The decision is praised by NSM-supporters around the globe.

2036 - 2040: NSM-supported parties gain majority in more and more nations and more and more of the elect to pull out of the international collaboration efforts. The EU halts its support of the project "temporarily", citing "internal conflicts".

2040: Following a congressional victory by NSM-influenced republicans, the USA pulls out of the collaborations surrounding IODS. Several smaller nations follow the USA's lead. All of them divert funds to their defence budget, citing growing international unrest. At the end of the year, only China, India and a handful of European and African nations still support IODS.

Midsummer 2044: IODS or 国际轨道防御系统 is in spite of complications finally fully operational. The work to adjust Kali's trajectory begins immediately.

November 2044: Thanks to IODS, the Earth avoids a head on collision with the Kali. It does not avoid the comet's tail. Hundreds of thousands of meteorites strike the planet, causing incalculable damage to infrastructures across the globe. Millions die. While no part of the planet avoids the heavy rains, Russia and USA are hit the hardest. USA accuses China and the other IODS collaborators of purposefully causing the meteorite showers to strike USA and Russia.

December 2044: A broken and polarised USA initiated peration "Avenging Freedom". Ballistic nuclear missiles are launched at the nations they consider responsible for the disaster, China and France returns fire.

January 2045: A ruined Russia begins a ground offensive against what remains of Europe.

Mars 2045: There is only war... and agriculture, piracy, and rusting engines.

Current History

2143: Dormant IODS machines begin to wake. They ping they find both, but not as they once knew it.

September 2143: The RFF city of Saint Petersburg is turned to glass and ash in a matter of minutes few. Eyewitness reports are few and inconsistent. Eventually, the Water Federation claims responsibility.

2144: Geneva and surrounding areas goes quiet. Holy Church stronghold Linköping is hit by a mysterious and devestating illness.