History of Pappas Pistoler

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The origins of the organization Pappas Pistoler have been traced to the twenty-five-year period sometimes referred to as the ‘comet anarchy’, a worldwide chain of catastrophic events set in motion by the sighting of the comet P/2018 K2. It is likely that the nuclear holocaust of 2044, as well as the varied armed conflicts that followed, both played a focal part in the re-organization of Pappas Pistoler from its original shape as a motor vehicle enthusiasts social club to its contemporary form as an arms-dealing organization.

‘Pappas MC’ (? – 2032)

The first trace of Pappas Pistoler was recovered in the shape of a historical fragment associated with ’Pappas MC’, a group believed to have originally existed as a social club for motor vehicle enthusiasts. It is widely held that this group first began its operations in the area surrounding Flen, a small town in central Södermanland, where members would gather for meetings in a decommissioned shelter let out by the local municipality. ’Pappas MC’ was supposedly already in existence when P/2018 K2 was first sighted, but the exact date of its founding has never been unanimously agreed upon by examiners.

Despite the fact that certain details translated from fragments suggest the group’s involvement in what could then have been considered criminal activity, the validity of this has been disputed. The few common denominators that have been found in the available evidence seem to indicate three tenets that ’Pappas MC’ was likely centered around: alcohol (sources make frequent mention of ’beer’), ’billiards’ (the words ’snooka’ and ’pool’ are used synonymously) as well as the operating of two and three-wheeled motor vehicles (referred to as ’bikes, ’cycles,’ ’hogs’ and ’choppers,’ amongst other things). The act of operating such vehicles has furthermore been observed as a salient feature of other sources surrounding ‘Pappas MC’, leading authorities on the topic to conclude the central importance of this particular activity.

While no explicit reference is made to ’Pappas Pistoler’ in parallel to those of ’Pappas MC’, it is popularly believed that the former took shape as a splinter faction sometime during the years of global unrest that followed the second sighting of P/2018 K2.

The Second Sighting (2032 – 2043/44)

Much investigation suggests that the second sighting of P/2018 K2 coincided with dramatic worldwide social and political change. With priorities shifting around the world, the future of ’Pappas MC’ had become uncertain. It was during this period that several movements who had accepted a coming apocalypse gained their peak memberships, with several million around the world participating in preparations for an impending doom. Such endeavors have also been observed as a feature in a key fragment concerning ’Pappas MC’, specifically as part of what likely was once an inventory record recovered from the shelter in which their operations were supposedly based. From a progressively increasing numbers of bulk purchases of Finnish gas masks, Russian cigarettes, 95 octane, water, freeze dried and canned foods, examiners have proposed that already as early as 2035 there likely existed a considerable presence of apocalyptic proponents within ’Pappas MC.’

From close readings and comparative translations of the extensive document (cryptically titled ”S K Y D D S R U M F Ö R R Å D S F Ö R T E C K N I N G / I N K Ö P / U T G I F T E R”) the theory was eventually arrived at that, as the years progressed, sympathy for apocalyptic preparations in ’Pappas MC’ in all likelihood continued to increase. The event horizon seems to have occurred at the turn of the fourth decade when, according to the document, the last purchase of a vehicle component by a member of ’Pappas MC’ took place. With all subsequent purchases belonging to one of the above-mentioned supply categories (with negligible variation) this last purchase stands as a signifier for many as the shift in focus in ’Pappas MC’ fully onto the making ready of their shelter meeting locale. Examiners have as such coupled the shelter directly to the groups survival during the 2044 nuclear holocaust.

The Inventory Artefact & Wastes of Södermanland (2044 ~ 2110)

Many recovered artefacts dated as belonging to the half-century following the attempted readjustment of P/2018 K2 by the IODS (or 国际轨道防御系统) have been irrevocably damaged by subsequent armed conflicts and nuclear war. It has been difficult to determine what the exact chances of survival in the cratered, radioactive wasteland Södermanland likely became during this lethal time but, as further investigation of the aforementioned ‘Pappas MC’ artefact has revealed, inventory entries continue on after the year 2044.

The record, itself consisting almost entirely of what has been agreed to be monthly inventory entries, is in fact dated as far as 2087, where entries abruptly stop. The first theory to surface as an explanation for this anomalous conclusion contended that, faced with dwindling supplies, members of the social club decided to exit the shelter and let practices such as record keeping fade into the background in favor of increasing demands on their survival. A more recent take on the topic, in an attempt to explain the group’s present-day hierarchical power structure, offers an alternative view: the theory, suggesting the dismantling of old-word practices such as book-keeping as coupled to a greater change in social order, holds that the last date recorded in the inventory in fact coincided with a generational shift, or as the concerned examiner has aptly dubbed it “a passing of the torque.” The theory, though it has received criticism for being too conjectural, has opened up the floor for the consideration of the years that followed the records’ end as the formative period of ‘Pappas Pistoler’, where ‘Pappas MC’ was transformed from social club to the present-day arms-dealing organization.

Extrapolated from the patterned decrease in supplies the inventory demonstrates, examiners have posited that even had the groups’ numbers decreased drastically, they could at most have survived for seventy-five years without exiting the once-decommissioned shelter. Though the two most widely held theories differ somewhat on the date of the shelter’s opening and the return of the survivors of ‘Pappas MC’ to post-war Södermanland, they do both agree that this had definitely occurred by the year 2100.

It is believed that the group progressively reacquainted themselves with a drastically changed Södermanland during the first ten years of the 22nd century, a place now home to never-before-seen diseases, droves of hostile mutants and awakened robotic servants, both partly and fully functional, and other survivors of the holocaust. What has been designated by translators as a number of motor vehicles is furthermore meticulously accounted for in the inventory. It has been established from the group’s apparent stockpiling of fuel that their intention had been to keep these in operation. Based out of a defensible shelter and equipped with vehicles, supplies and likely even weapons (many items mentioned in the inventory have yet to be comprehended), it is conceivable that the group established a foothold presence in Södermanland during this period, while simultaneously laying the foundational groundwork for their later violent endeavors.

‘Stomper MC’ and the “Factory” (2110 ~ 2120)

The recent history of ‘Pappas Pistoler’ is no exception to the oft-observed contemporary rule of a blurred distinction between fact and fiction: little can be held as truth and most available information has likely been dramatically skewed, usually one of two ways. To best gain an understanding of the years during which the power hold of ‘Pappas Pistoler’ over Södermanland was cemented, examiners have attempted to weigh accounts from the groups’ members against the word of the, regrettably often, isolated survivors of these early encounters. It has in this way been possible to conclude that the key element responsible for the group’s exertion of power and influence lies in its ability to produce and distribute firearms. The site of their production, a place often only referred to as “The Factory,” is shrouded in some mystery, but members have claimed that it once belonged to a rivalling social club that went under the name ‘Stomper MC:’

"The B-I-I-I-G turn, you know when things got re-e-e-al serious all-a-sudden, was when we ****** up the old rival gang, Stomper MC. They’d holed up in an old ball-bearing factory - SKF for those that know it!" – [The recording suddenly cuts to loud static, the voice possibly drowned out by replying jeers of surrounding members. It fades into a grainy silence again, with a few final remarks as a backdrop] – "See, they weren’t wise like us and our dads, th-eee-y had gone and ended up mutant-trash… So we TOOK their factory, TOOK their guns, and now WE are the pistols and WE run the place!" - [The voice on the recording is submerged in an uproarish clamor of shouting voices and firearm discharge]
– Transcribed from a possible recording of ‘Pappa’ speaking in front of group members shortly after his arrival to Stråssa in 2141, interviewer unknown.

Contained within the recording are details that together can help construct a loose timeline of events following the maturing of ’Pappas Pistoler.’ During their rediscovery of Södermanland, the group allegedly encountered a faction somehow identified as ‘Stomper MC.’ The members of this group are described to have been irradiated, possibly even mutated (likely from long-term exposure to nuclear fallout), but whether or not this encounter was a bone fide realization of an over-eighty-years-old grudge is difficult to surmise. If indeed they were in the ascribed condition, Stomper MC, whoever they were, would likely not have been able to withstand the arrival of the better prepared, now wasteland-seasoned ‘Pappas.’

In scrutinizing the recording, examiners have chiefly elaborated upon the importance of the ball-bearing factory to ‘Pappas Pistoler.’ Though it is largely a mysterious component of a by-gone era, some have hypothesized that the ‘ball-bearing’ is an important component of firearms, and that the factory that ‘Pappas’ supposedly discovered housed more secrets of weapons manufacture than just the understanding of this single component. Additional validity can be lent to the theory by the voice on the recording’s assertion that the means of weapons production currently held by ‘Pappas Pistoler’ once belonged to the members of ‘Stomper MC.’ A final note on it is its closing sentences, which have led some to suggest that it in fact was ‘Pappas’ seizure of the “Factory,” and the secrets contained within, that gave the group its namesake.

A major source of their influence, the location of their weapons production site remains a closely guarded secret. The exact date that it changed hands into ‘Pappas’ possession, too, remains somewhat obscured, but according to members the group began mounting their infamous arms-caravans only a few years hence. The first recorded sighting of one of these is dated from 2122, when a collection of motor vehicles was observed passing north through what had once been the town of Västerås. The description fits most other accounts of one of ‘Pappas’ caravans: most vehicles were of a heavy make, “ridden” by two or more armed bandits, with every vehicle except the very front and back equipped with carts and laden with crates, boxes, gun-barrels of all sizes jutting out in every direction. This account has allowed examiners to place ‘Pappas’ hostile takeover of the “Factory” in the years closest to the culmination of the second decade of the 22nd century, somewhere between 2118-2120.

Stråssa (2041 – 45)

In the twenty years since taking up the manufacture and distribution of firearms, ’Pappas Pistoler’ has contributed immensely to the ongoing conflicts that ravage the modern day northern territories. The frequency with which weapons of ’Pappas’ make occur in the region has furthermore been observed as on a drastic upward trend in the last five years, leading examiners to surmise the current mood of ’Pappa’ as singly bent on profit, with continued widespread destruction an expected by-product. Upon his discovery of Stråssa, ‘Pappa’ allegedly contended to have found the perfect staging ground for the expansion of his industry. He has opted to personally oversee the establishment of his weapons store (founded in the town in 2141, the year the above voice fragment was supposedly recorded). Many of his lieutenants have decided to conjugate accordingly, both in order to compete for their individual claims to ‘Pappas’ stake in the region as well as to pursue their individual interests.

The most recent development recorded in the history of ‘Pappas Pistoler’ is the 2145 relocation of their weapons store. It was then moved from a comparatively out-of-the-way corner of Stråssa to one of its main thoroughfares. With profits and the influence of ‘Pappa’ on a meteoric rise in Stråssa, his ranks have started to swell with potential new prospects, mercenaries and old adjutants who have since arrived in the city with the hopes they are not too late.

The false poster that saw Svarta Svärden massacred in a crater (2147): "Don't buy bullets. Buy knives. With ugly regards the Black Swords."
Who dared insult Pappas Pistoler (2147)?
Kumla shoots to kill (2147).

False Poster Crater Massacre (2147)

On the subject of deviousness, some bastard had put up false posters featuring Pappas Pistoler crossed-over, with a below-the-belt advertising for Finnish knives, with ugly regards from Svarta Svärden. The Finns had forgotten this when they were asked by Konduktör Én to tag along with Pappas Pistoler, their allies of Kumla and their random mercenaries into the woods, to search a crater for buried valuables. Out in the forest, Pappa forebodingly ordered everybody who wasn't of Kumlamilisen or Pappas Pistoler to form a separate group. This was then ordered down, at gun-point, to search the mine-strewn crater for the buried goods (which Red Peoples Front had retrieved earlier, accompanied by Borstis). As they found nothing, Pappa ordered everybody who wasn't part of Svarta Svärden to leave the crater. Konduktör'n climbed out of it with a malicious laughter.

Left behind in the hole, were the entire group of Svarta Svärden, with Kumlamilisen in a ring around the crater lip. As the centre of attention stood a haunching Pappa, twirling his moustache, and speaking in an angry and tired voice: "This is a good occassion to raise the question about those bloody notes you've put up with a cross over my face!"

Some few words back-and-forth followed, with feeble denial from Svarta Svärden's side, before Pappa ordered the Kumla gangsters to mow down the Finns were they stood. Svarta Svärden fell, with bullets hitting them from all sides, some even striking into their ears. As their bleeding bodies hit the dirt floor, Konduktör Én drew his sword, cut one Kumla militiaman down, and shouted "For Finland!"

He was immediately peppered with small-arms fire, and rolled down into the crater, triggering a gas mine in his heavy fall. Later, as the victims of the crater massacre limped home, Svarta Svärden asked Konduktör'n who had put up the posters, to which he replied with "It was Info Direkt." Svarta Svärden subsequently awarded Kvasten a Finnish medal for bravery.

As punishment for the (false) smear poster, Pappa refused to let the Finns purchase a fine pistol, and instead locked it in a safe, leaving the retired war veterans completely unarmed. The seeming end of Svarta Svärden's beef with Pappas Pistoler came when the nouveau riche Finnish war veterans approached Konduktör Én in fine costumes, and tossed up heaps of money that rained down around him. As Borstis scrambled in rigid armour to pick up all the paper caps, Svarta Svärden tasked him with attacking Pappas Pistoler and send their regards. Suddenly mad with wealth, Konduktör'n marched straight to Pappa's gunshop, waited sneakily outside, and called Slisk to him as the goon walked lone down the street. As Slisk approached, Konduktör Én cut him down, tossed five caps at his bleeding body on the ground (thus mimicking his superiors, the companions of Jonas Hjortkloe back in 2145) and shouted: "Svarta Svärden send their regards!"

Konduktör'n was immediately hunted down the streets, shot from behind and stomped upon while on the ground. Is this the end of the feud...?