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The lands claimed by The Great Clan

You can expect at least one hand drawn map before BBR, Long way home starts.

All images are placeholders. I will try to draw up some more postapocalyptic stuff but untill then you will have to settle for the pre-apokcalypse stuff...

Look at the pretty castles LOOK AT THEM!


Seats of power

The island Skye of the coast of Scotland and a small part of the Scottish mainland.

Owned by Clan MacDonald

Castle Eilean Donan

10796846113 22979e51a0 b.jpg

Main Castle of The Great Clan and high seat of The Great Shaman. Home to clan MacDonald. Castle Eilean Donan lies well protected on an island of the shore where three lochs (lakes/sea inlets) meet, Loch Duich, Loch long and Loch Alsh. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge built on an ancient and crumbled rock fundament and protected by an ever expanded and improved fortress. The new fortress is so built by rock and scavenge material and serves as Capital city for The Great Clan and Clan MacDonald, a protective barrier for the old caste and a statement to The Great Clans power and might. The land around it is full of large rolling hills which lies mostly desolate and barren. Thanks to the continuous effort of clan MacCraig the land is slowly getting healed and the green grass and tall pines are slowly returning. Outside of the walls of the new castle there are some small fields for crop growing but they do not supply more than morsels to be used as extra spice in the town's regular meals. Castle Eilean Donan's and Clan MacDonald's real food supply comes from the other clans, mainly from Clan MacVegan and Clan MacCraig, they also get a large supply of seafood and fish from the lochs that surround it. Before the apocalypse the castle was owned by Clan Mackenzie and their allies Clan Macrae. It was destroyed by the British government since the Clans had joined Jacobite rebels but was rebuilt by Lieutenant-Colonel John Macrae-Gilstra.

The watchtower at Claunie

“This is as far inland as we go lad”

A newly build watchtower against the Neo-Catholic church of Scotland. The watchtower stands at the outermost border of the territory claimed by The Great Clan.

Glenshield House

“Ay lad, here we train the wolver hunters”

A small cluster of farmhouses were the Clans hunters train to hunt the mutated wolfs of the Highland.

Dornie Ranch

“Here lad, here we breed the finest horses in all the Highland”

A small horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. Heavily fortified and guarded to protect the clans precious horses.

Kyle of Lochalsh

“Here we have it all lad, horses, trains and boats”

The second largest town on the mainland complete with an old train station and a small harbor.

Glenelg Farm

“See the sheep lad?”

Clan MacDonalds largest sheep farm.

Owned by clan MacCraig:

Castle DunCraig

(10 km from Eilean)


Home to clan MacCraig. A rather modern castle that lies only a stone's throw from the Capital Castle Eilean Donan. It is the home of the druids and healers of Clan MacCraig (or as some would call them, the healers and poison blenders). A lot of strange things is said about Castle DunCraig and its clan. For on they are generally the most gentle and kind hearted people The Great Clan have to offer but they are also the most eccentric and borderline mental. It is not unusual to see great clouds of strange collard smoke rise from the back of the castle or somewhere from the land around it. Sometimes it even comes up in great streaming baubles from the sea inlet that lies just north of the castle. The castle and its inhabitants can also boast about the exceedingly lush and plentiful plant growth that surrounds the castle on all sides. Even the sea inlet is covered with a thick mat of algae in all the colours of green imaginable (and a couple more). Still all the other clans agree that if you need a body part healed or a sickness cured there is no better place in all of Scotland (maybe in all the world) to get it fixed. Castle DunCraig provides its fellow clans with all the potions and elixirs they might need to cure the day to day ailments that might affect a post apocalyptic Scotsman, they also provide the only fruit in the whole Great Clan and are therefore much loved and honoured (that might be why the other clans put up with all the strange and weird).


“If they offer you something to drink, don’t take it lad!”

The largest town owned by Clan MacCraig. Here you can find all the strange herbal and animalistic products that the clan producess.

Plockton Highschool

“Listen up lad, If you see smoke, strange light or ozzing fluids, RUN!”

The laboratory and research facility of Clan MacCraig.

Craig Highland Farm

“Yes lad, here you can find all the best vegetables of the old world”

The largest crop farm in all the Great Clan. Here Clan MacCraig grow everything from potatos and carrots to extremely rare orages and tobacco.

Stomeferry Train Station

“See that lad, that there is a train right enough! NO OF COURSE IT DOES NOT WORK!”

The first link in the route that connects Clan MacCraig and the clans of Isle Skye.

Owned by Clan MacArmsdeal

Castle Armadale

(50 km from Eliean)


Home to Clan MacArmsDeal. When the castle was first discovered it was so rundown that only the walls were left standing. This was however a much better state than most other castles that could be found in the region so the restoration work was soon started and today Castle Armadale in one of the best fortified stronghold of all in The Great Clan's possession. The castle is located on the coast facing the mainland and except for Castle DunCraig it is the closest one to the Capital Castle Eliean Donan. The castle itself is restored and improved with standard Clan measurements (pile up stone and bolt metal to it until no one can get through). However the real beauty and grace of the castle lies in the ever expanding garages, shooting ranges, machine halls and cellars that have been carved out and build under the castle. Clan MacArmsdeal was originally named Clan MacArmadale but since they were tasked to restore, improve and create all the great machined of combat and war by The Great Druid they got the nickname that is now their pride and joy. If you see a member of The Great Clan carrying any weapon that is larger that a machete (or pocketknife as they would call it) you can be shore that is was either created or inspected by a member of Clan MacArmsdeal. The Station of Aired Sleat: “See all those wires and parabolas lad, they are what connect all The Great Clan” A newly built watchtower and radio station that functions as the main communication hub of The Great Clan.

Kinloch Lodge

“Ay lad, here you might find The Great Shaman if yer’ lucky”

The “summer home” of The Great Shaman.

Islenorsay Farm

“Lad, come here and help me with this here contraption”

The trial ground for Clan MacArmsdeal’s transportation and mechanical farming equipment.

Owned by Clan MacVegan

Castle DunVegan

(95 km from Eilean )

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens.jpg

Largest castle and home to clan MacVegan. Castle DunVegan is the largest castle owned by The Great Clan and home to Clan MacVegan. The castle and the new founded town that surrounds it on all sides but the seaside, hosts the largest number of clan members in any part of The Great Clans territory. It is surrounded by grass covered hills on all sides except the east side which faces the sea. Thanks to these hills Clan MacVegan breeds the largest herds of mutant sheep in all of scotland. They also grow enough crops and catch enough fish to feed not only themselves but they help to feed all the other clans as well. The supply lines to the Castles run full every day with goods from the other clans to trade for food and from the castle with food to nourish said clans. If the need should arise Clan MacVegan will of course supply the food for free, the trading is more of a way for the other clans to show respect and help increase the food production. The constant herding and wrangling of mutant sheep keeps the clan's members in abnormally good condition. Since mutant sheep are the size of a "normal" large bull, packed with hard muscles and they often got a temper to match the four to twelve horns that grow in varying angles from everywhere on their skull and spine. The crop growing is not an easy task either, since the fields must be continually fertilized by the meal of the ground up sheep bones. Without this all important aid the crops would hardly find any nourishment and would soon die out and disappear. Sacks of twenty to thirty kilos are wagoned up the highland by the dozen every day, carried from the wagons to the field and strewn by hand over the crops and farmland. The clan does not fish as much as they would like since the sea around the castle is filled with enormous man eating seals. The seals have been known to weigh up to ten tons and swim with the speed and grace of killer whales. The difference between the seals and the whales (except that the seals are about twice as big and three times as smart) is that the seals can actually come ashore and hunt. Many a MacVegan lad and lass have forsaken their lives to the belly of a rampaging seal. The clan deals with the problem as most members of The Great Clan would, the hunt the bustards with tooth and nail as soon as they see one come ashore but leave them be as long as the stay in the sea. The castle was previously owned by Clan MacLeod and was the largest and longest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland

MacVegan Town

“Have fun lad, but don’t get yerself killed”

The largest town on Isle Skye. Known far and wide as the rowdiest and burliest warriors den in all the clan, nowhere else can you find a more potent mix of testosterone and lacohol (exept maby in a MacCraig lab).

Stain village

“Ay lad… More Sheep…”

The largest sheep farm in all of The Great Clan.

Roag Village

“Ay lad… More corn and potatos…”

The largest corn and potato farm in all The Great Clan.

Owned by clan MacStoree.

Storee Bunker

(80 km from Eilean)


Home to Clan MacStoree and last refuge of The Great Clan. The Storee Bunker is located in the old Storee National Park. The bunker was constructed by the British government before the apocalypse but unknown to them it was secretly used by the IRA to store weapons and supplies for the Irish rebels. It was found by accident when a member of Clan MacVegan was out hunting a prized mutant sheep that had escaped his "tender" care. And while he was admiring the landscape he came upon a great iron door in the cliff. So the lad ran back to his clan head and soon the entire clan was marching to see what all the fuss was about (this was of course after the lad had been publicly punished for leaving the sheep out in the wild again). After the bunker was opened they found that all the IRA members had been locked in and starved to death. This was however soon forgotten when all the guns, ammunition and heavy weapons were found. And so Clan MacArmsdeal was called in and even The Great Shaman himself came to have a look. All weapons were handed out equally amongst the clans, Clan MacVegan got a little more than the others for finding the bunker and the lad was greatly rewarded and later became head of clan MacVegan. The Great Shaman realise what a great opportunity this was and so ordered that the bunker should first be cleared out, cleaned and afterward turned into a last defence should the apocalypse come again. Soon builders, engineers and scribes from all the clans started to pour in and work on the great task of preparing the bunker for the worst. Thus Clan MacStoree was born. The bunker is now self sufficient with underground gardens, farms and cattle pens (a cinder form of mutant sheep is being breed as we speak, it might even look like the pre-apocalypse ones). The bunker is however no where near big enough to house all of the ever growing Great Clan. That will however hardly be a problem since at least three fourths of The Great Clan will die out in the event of an apocalypse (stubbornly making epic last stands and head butting nukes before they hit the ground).

Loch Lethan Dam

“This lad, this is power!”

The restored powerdamn is the main power supply for Storee Bunekr.

Owned by Clan MacBrewing

Uig Brewing House

(100 km from Eilean, 20 km from Storee)


The home of clan Macbrewing. Clan MacBrewing resides in and around an old brewery on the north-east coast of Isle Skye. It began as a small but surprisingly well preserved brewery that was found by a some members of Clan MacArmaDeal when they were traveling up along the coast to Clan MacVegan to trade weapons for food supplies. It is considered one of the greatest finds in the history of The Great Clan because with it they found they means, recourses and above all the ancient knowledge of how to brew the divine amber liquid called whiskey. Since then the Brewhouse have become one of most visited places out of all the Great Clans residencies second only to the Capital Castle Eilean Donen it's become a custom to at least once in your life you should make the pilgrimage to The Brewhouse. The brewery lies close to the shore and is surrounded by a rebuild town that's sprouted from the old desolated village. Outside the village there are a number of large greenhouses and barns for growing and storing malt and hops for beer and four large cornfields that are tended constantly and provided with the finest bone meal from Clan MacVegan.

Idrigil Town

“Here’s some valuables to trade for beer lad, just don’t drown in the drink will ya!”

The town of Clan MacBrewing.

Owned by Clan Portee

Portee Harbor

(65 km from Eilean, 12 km from Storee) (Portee port)

I121112 120359 158304964.jpg

Home of clan Portee. The foremost fishing and shipping village of the Great Clan. Shipping and marine life is rare within the Great Clan except maybe for small boat and barges which are used to traverse the lochs and waterways between the mainland and Isle Skye. Clan Portee of Portee Harbour however are exceedingly fond of the ocean and use all their time to craft boats and ships out of old scrap and junk. The use these boats to fish the ocean between the Scottish Isles and they even venture out on open sea from time to time. The fish and sea animals that they catch are for the most part poisonous, venomous or most often both but the residents of Portee Harbour knows well all there is to know about what to bring to shore, what to toss back and when to just cut the line before the monster reaches the surface. Not even the engineers of Clan MacArmsDeal can rival the boatbuilding skills of Clan Portee's ship wraiths. The pride and joy of the clan is an old Scottish coast guard ship that they have managed to restore and even improve. The named it The Shamans Selkie (the shamans mermaid) and it is the fastest and most heavily armed ship that any member of the Great Clan know of.

Portee Town:

“No lad, here there is only fish or fishermen… HA! Try to tell them apart if ye can!”

The town that surrounds Portee Harbour and home of Clan Portee.