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History of the JOFAmily

In the old days, before the catastrophe that came to reshape the whole world, a big part of the country was ruled from Malung. (At least according to some sources). Colonel Niss had her base in Malung, and she was an energetic older woman with an ambition. She built her empire with scraps that others failed to see value in, mostly materials like odd pieces of leather, plastics and various scrap metal that remained from other industries. The ability to find use for things that others dismissed as useless gave Colonel Niss a great economic advantage, which because of this were able to produce magnificent armors and close combat weapons at almost no production costs. For people to be able to discern her products in a fast and simple way, she decided to mark them with her family name: JOFA.

In time Colonel Niss expanded her business violently. Because the production demanded great work efforts, but the work in it self was delicate, she decided to only hire family. The fact that her family in it self was not big enough was not a problem, because as we all know, you can always make more family! Colonel Niss appointed a "family committee" which were to secure the expansion of the family. Becoming a member of the family could happen in a lot of ways, usually through a kind of contract. These days it is not known what the contract said, but what is clear is that it involved some kind of spectacular initiation.

Colonel Niss was well-known to keep her friends close, and to ally herself with the most prominent people nearby. It did not take a long time before the JOFAmily were well-known and respected in the area. The years went by and in time Colonel Niss became too old to accompany the family on their expeditions, and after a time in bed she perished. During the following decades the remaining family members managed the business, and when the big catastrophe happened, the JOFA-armors and weapons became really requested. This new world with their slightly violent societies demanded some high quality equipment. The Family had expanded in such a way that some of them started to make longer expeditions, and even settling down in other parts of the country. They became the objects of great success in the serach for finding more materials and knowledge. During one of the expeditions to the north, they heard the tales of a legend which originated from before the big catastrophe. It was the legend of the Golden Puck!

The legend of the Golden Puck

The Legend tells a tale about a Golden Puck, which according to old manuscripts, are said to possess a great value. The Documents are so stale nowadays that the text is almost impossible to read, but it can be understood that the one who holds the Golden Puck have got a big upper hand in combat. According to some statements it is said to bring great happiness and luck to the person or group which holds it in their fist.

The JOFAmily down-regulated their production of armors and weapons to be able to spend more time looking for the Golden Puck. Many years of searching in the wasteland followed and the family lost many members. At one point it seems like the JOFAmily actually found the Golden Puck and got into a fight with each other, whereupon it was lost again. This quarrel is supposed to have led to a great difference in opinion on what the familys purpose was, and some of them left. These JOFAs became known as "STIGAs", which is an ancient word for traitor, and is actually the worst thing you can call a member of the JOFAmily.

The JOFAmily today

Den en gång så mäktiga Jofamiljen är numera… ett kul gäng. Den del av klanen som etablerat sig i Stråssa uppehöll sig under många generationer i landets norra delar, där de tappade sin moral och luckrade upp familjerelationerna allt mer. Det är numera svårt att veta riktigt hur de biologiska familjebanden ser ut, ofta kan en persons syster också vara både dennes farmor och son, men vad gör väl det när man har oändligt med tok-jos och ett gott humör. Extra gott humör får man såklart när man kommer över möjligheten att tjäna sig en hacka eller spela någon ett spratt! Man kanske inte ska vara så hård att man kallar Joforna korkade, för visst är de kapabla om de vill! Men de som sett dem arbeta kan helt klart hålla med om att de löser uppgifter och problem på ett lite… annorlunda sätt. Sjabblar man till ett jobb så får man bara springa fortare. Ingen springer snabbare än Joforna.

Members of the JOFAmily



Agitator Harrí

Freya af Robur

Quercus af Robur

Nils Oscar "Brännarn" Andersson

Saik "AIK" Snusson

Taj-Ges "Dubbelnollan"

Backen Boman

Mys-mäster Marklund

Svante Svante

Long lost Jofa Lundgren