Keepers of Letters

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Keepers of Letters (KoL)
All my friends are dead
Members 1/6
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Kalmar
Contact n/a

The gang

In a once upon a time school bus reffered to as "Bibblan" this charming bunch roamed the wasteland, pillaging every little piece of written text left from the world as it was before. They seldom asked, they mostly used force. A lot of force. I mean, a lot more than necessary. They seldom killed people, they just seemed to like to beat them up.

If you did not have anything they wanted, they were a pretty easy going and friendly (but wacky) gang.

The purpose

To collect the written word from Before. To in thoose words find clues to what went wrong and prevent it from ever happening again. To have fun while doing all that.

The end-isch

When you spend your time beating people up in a savage wasteland, sooner or later someone will stand up to you and at best beat the living crap out of you... Or kill you. Most of KoL was wiped out a while back. Noone seem to know when, or by whom.


42kol.jpg Tolstojkol.jpg Vougekol.jpg Tonykol.jpg Lokakol.jpg Arlakol.jpg

42 (MOST LIKELY DEAD) - Enjoyed deep discussions and booze. Good with his fists, better with his iron pipe. Specialized in slogans and commercials, and hated them at the same time.

Tolstoj Ferlin (ALMOST CERTAINLY DEAD) - Could quote poetry and the classics for hours over insane batches of tea. Liked to hit people were it really hurt the most, with whatever was at hand.

Vouge (DEAD OR LOST) - Collected fashion magazines and such. Was very picky with their appearance, but also the one everyone entrusted their secrets to and got advice from. Liked blades.

Tony (VERY DEAD) - An almost unstoppable force of nature. Wielded dual bats and kicked people while they were down. Collected horror film manuscripts and childrens books.

Loka Shelley (NOT DEAD AT ALL) - Happy go lucky and very fond of poetry.

Arla (CONFIRMED DEAD) - Fastest butterfly-knifes in the group and also the one that tended to everyones spiritual needs, quoting the Kreator of KoL and keeping the gang focused on the cause.

Former Members

Ecstasy (STATUS UNKNOWN) - Was the groups sadistic instabil medic. Had an unhealthy relationship with his baseball bat, to the lenght that he talked to it now and then.

The Kreator (DEAD SINCE MANY YEARS) - Founded KoL with Loka and 42 and was the one with all the great ideas. After his passing the ideas seemed to get worse and worse...