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Killtown Flesh Merchant Banner
Home of Killtown Flesh Merchants!
Population Unknown - middling to large
Government Squabbling warlords
Techlevel Industrial with automatic rifles
Trade Bartering stolen good, slavery
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Copenhagen

Killtown is one of the largest settlements in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. The city, or the foul parody of a city if you will, is ruled by warlords of different tribes, gangs and syndicates. Together they form a kind of controlled anarchy, a loose order that is often broken by vicious disputes and all-out gang war. Reaching it from the once-Swedish mainland without an armed escort (and invitation) is considered to have an expert level difficulty. Pirates and sea raiders swarm the ocean, and crossing of what's left of the gigantic bridge that connects former Denmark with Sweden means dealing with the unstable doomsday cult that lives there. Once on the other side, visitors would have to walk through the enormous tunnel complex now simply known as "The Corridor" - a dangerous road filled with pitfalls, deathtraps and raider patrols.


Unlike most other places in post apocalyptic Northern Europe, Killtown has been the unfortunate subject of nuclear annihilation twice. Approximately 25 years after the bombs fell during the long forgotten war, a group of autocratic ex-military would-be-dictator-types supposedly managed to get their hands on a functional pre-war missile but unfortunately also managed to blow themselves up along with large parts of the city, setting back the town a couple of more decades and plunging it further into anarchy. Due ti these events, Killtown is not really to be considered on level with the rest of the settlements in post apocalyptic Scandinavia and only recently has trade with the outside been established as more than occasional bartering. On top of this, the increased radiation brought even more mutations on the later inhabitants in the years following the double-apocalypse.


Locals, abroad
The city itself is divided into many regions, known as ‘zones’. Each one (or more) is governed by a gang, tribe or syndicate. Their will is the law(or as close as law you can get) in their respective zones. Some zones have strong alliances, while others are bitter rivals. Nothing is certain in the city of death and longtime allies can easily become the worst of enemies.

The Docks

The docks or old navy yard, once home to the proud Danish Royal Navy, is littered with old rusted boats, ships and cruisers. Many of them have been converted into makeshift homes by the raiders who control the area, some of them serve as bars, and one, the M/S Mærsk, is an arena for gladiatorial games of death and a handful of them even work. The working ones are used by the raiders as they launch raids and pray on the smaller settlements along the coast. There's also a "trade and raid" agreement between the inhabitants of the docks and some of the sea raiders and slavers living among the cultists and the Docks serve as the gateway to Killtown from the sea.

The Corridor and The Gate

The Corridor is an enormous complex of five tunnels filled with pitfalls and death traps, it is subject to raider patrols and home to small independent enclaves. It is part of an old complex connecting the former countries of Denmark and Sweden and ends on a small island where the remnants of the Öresund Bridge begin. The mighty bridge, now known simply as "The Gate", is the only point of entry to Killtown from what’s left of Sweden and is controlled by a vicious gang of cultists, considered by some to be a more dangerous place than Killtown. The cultists have built and organized a city on top of the ruins of the gigantic bridge in the middle of the water and it’s only partially connected to the Swedish mainland.

People from the settlements of Killtown and The Gate don't have much to do with each other with a few exceptions and they tend to leave eachother be. Most people in their right mind on the Killtown side won't enter The Corridor or The Gate unless they have some pretty urgent business and the cultists don't have any wish to have more to do with Killtown than absolutely necessary.


What was once a place for quality time with family and friends is now a ravaged, decaying and decadent place. It is inhabited by a group of slavers who trade with the other zones and beyond. The old ruined roller coasters and the surrounding park is a far cry from it’s fun-filled past. Slave cages are everywhere and there’s no fun to be had(for the slaves that is, the slavers are having the time of their lives). When they’re not drinking, doing drugs or tormenting the slaves, they’re selling them by the dozens at their ‘market place’.


Don't be fooled by its name, Christiana is one of the worst slag holes of sin you can ever imagine. It's run by a mighty syndicate which also controls the nearby zones. They're the self-proclaimed kings and queens of gambling, prostitution and "nightlife" (whatever the post-apocalyptic equivalent of that is) in the area. The area usually attracts travelers or the local raiders who want some RnR and get wasted at the local taverns or enjoy the company of questionable women or men or that in between.

The Underground

Before the war, Copenhagen was known for its subway which made even the one in Stockholm look small. Nowadays, it's a "city under the city" - and it may even be worse than the Gomorrah above it. If you dare enter one of the manholes that leads down to this dark, rotten maze of tunnels and shafts you will not only find dozens of abandoned trains, exposed electrical wire, pitfalls, angry rats or the occasional crazed raider - the underground is also home to feral mutants and many more unnamed horrors.. Or so they say.

The Arena

The former stadium of the city was severely damaged when the warheads fell on Copenhagen. It was later rebuilt with all kinds of scrap metal and old parts and instead of being a place of games and recreation, it is now a huge trading post for all kind of "wares" - exotic animals, weapons, booze, clothes and slaves. While several gangs of Killtown have their own smaller slave holds and markets, the Arena is where the really big auctions take place.

All the Killtown gangs bring their newest "acquisitions" to the Arena every Saturday to sell them off to the highest or most cunning bidder. It's also common for small "training sessions" to be held so that the buyer can see if the slaves have any potential for the gladiatorial games at the M/S Maersk or if they’ll just have to make do as workers, household slaves, prostitutes or worse.

The Airfield

The airport of Copenhagen was not at the epicenter of the destruction but was nevertheless damaged extensively during the bombing and stands an abandoned ruin, littered with remnants of damaged airplanes, vehicles and junk and occasionally preyed upon by various daunting scavengers.

The Crater

The place where the bomb fell. Pretty much on top of what used to be central Copenhagen with the center of impact being approximately around the parliament building - Folketinget. Irradiated completely. Don’t go there.

Big T

The former Radisson Hotel, now nicknamed the “big T” because of the oil tanker blown into it during the nuclear blast a hundred years ago, shaping a giant “t” in the process. Home to a clan of regulars, mutants and cyborgs dealing in firearms and drugs.

The Zoo

What used to be the Zoological Garden of Copenhagen ended up a desolate place after the war, littered with remains of dead exotic animals and humans alike. Over the last years, the place has become home to a group of tribalistic raiders and slavers. The animals who once inhabited the cages and scenic compounds are long gone, instead the zoo is now inhabited by a group of strange tribal raiders and slavers who go by the name Black Star - and some say they are even more vicious than the animals that once inhabited the zoo. They mostly keep to themselves but they attend the Slave market in the arena every Saturday and often bring with them strange and exotic "wares". They also have their personal "bodyguard" force made up of some former mercenaries turned tribal. In their spare time they host drug-fuelled orgies in and around the old cages and pray to the strange and mysterious entity they call the Black Star - often to the sound of ancient (read: 1980’s music) mix-tapes found in the ruins of old Copenhagen.

The Junkyard

Another place of "commerce" is the old junkyard just outside of Killtown. It’s a pretty large compound filled with pre-war tech, car parts and all manner of junk and what-nots. It's not the kind of "free-for-all" market like the Arena but more of a seller's market harshly dictated by the gang that rules the junkyard - and they're a crazy bunch. They're known as the Junkheads or simply the Junkies and they control the Junkyard. They often race each other, and other Killtowners, in crazy races outside the Junkyard on their bikes, hot rods and old pumped up cars. Their self-appointed leader is a larger-than life figure who goes by the name of Kenneth of Sarras and it is rumoured that he sits upon a makeshift throne built on the polished remains of an ancient, pink Cadillac ‘59 in the middle of the Junkyard.

Religious Convictions

Killtown is the proud(?) religious home and center of the cult of Bab-RAH. Praise that A$$.