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[[The Cluster]], in swedish known as [[Klustret]]
'''''A brutal pack of loyal warriors with a taste for blood and French rap. Wreckers.  
'''''A brutal pack of loyal warriors with a taste for blood and French rap. Wreckers.  

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The Cluster, in swedish known as Klustret

A brutal pack of loyal warriors with a taste for blood and French rap. Wreckers.

Klantag: CLU

The Cluster has a relatively small population compared to other groups in the wasteland but don't let their few numbers fool you. Every girl and boy born in this family have been trained in the skills of survival, warfare, medicine, alchemy and biology since they were capable of walking. This makes any member a cunning, fierce and a strident opponent in battle. Besides combat and spending time with loved ones, the Cluster warriors love to host great parties for themselves and their allies and friends.

Most of the Cluster lives in the south of Sweden, around what used to be Växsjö, but groups of them (Modules) are constantly traveling; gathering, hunting, fishing, raiding and trading. Since a year back, after their first appearance at Sinterverket, they have set up a colony there, a base for trading and information gathering for the rest of the Cluster.


Pre-Apocalypse (2045) Before the great calamity, an expedition took place far north in the swamps of Finnmarken. A group of scientist had traveled there to do some research on radioactivity and the effects of a substance who produced a new type of bacteria in this area. The team consisted of a bunch of scientist including a chemist and a biologist. The freeholder had also decided to come along and so did a environmental politician who was convinced this expedition would be beneficial for the upcoming elections. After a few weeks, when the team was deep into the marshlands, strange light phenomenons could be seen all over and suddenly, all communications and electronics stopped working. They tried to re-establish contact by moving to higher ground but without success. After a couple of weeks wandering through the wildlands the group had started to run low on supplies. Eventually the isolation started to drive people mad. When all hope was lost, the team encountered a group of soldiers lead by a Colonel. They were given food and the Colonel told the expedition of the apocalypse and the civilization downfall. The expedition was invited to join the Colonel and they all traveled south to the central part of Sweden where they settled down.

Post- Apocalypse (2144) The Cluster started out trying to live as farmers, using their knowledge or biology, but they eventually had to adapt in order to survive. When the soil no longer were fruitful, the group became nomads, drifting from place to place, raiding, looting and trading what little resources they had. Thanks to the scientific and military knowledge in the group, they managed to stay alive even during the hardest conditions.


The Cluster as whole is ruled by one ruler, called “The Great Ruler”. This person is chosen by the members every third year. All members can vote and all members can candidate. During the elections, all members are gathered at their main base. The Cluster is also split into smaller groups called Modules, consisting of 10-15 members. A leader for each Module is chosen by its members every day. Usually a small ceremony is performed. Sometimes the group can't decide or a rival candidate is unhappy with the decision. When that happens, the leader can be challenged into a duel. The winner becomes the leader for the day. Outsiders who wish to become members of the Cluster must pass several trails in order to deem themselves worthy. It is not uncommon for the recruit to die during one of them.