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A brutal pack of loyal warriors with a taste for blood and French rap. Wreckers.

Klantag: CLU

The Cluster has a relatively small population compared to other groups in the wasteland but don't let their few numbers fool you. Every girl and boy born in this family have been trained in the skills of survival, warfare, medicine, alchemy and biology since they were capable of walking. This makes any member a cunning, fierce and a strident opponent in battle. Besides combat and spending time with loved ones, the Cluster warriors love to host great parties for themselves and their allies and friends.

Most of the Cluster lives in the south of Sweden, around what used to be Växsjö, but groups of them (Modules) are constantly traveling; gathering, hunting, fishing, raiding and trading. Since a year back, after their first appearance at Sinterverket, they have set up a colony there, a base for trading and information gathering for the rest of the Cluster.