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Konduktör Én
Certified Idiot
HKM Security Guard
Type Henchman, courier, desinformation expert, rabblerouser & schemer
Title Security Guard
Home Progresse, New Västervik
Employer Hjortkloe Manufaktur (HKM)
Tribe Tåget
Former Employer Info Direkt
Years in Stråssa
2144 Served and betrayed Info Direkt; betrayed Gullstäutar Köpmannagille; caused war between Chaosists and The Holy Church.
2145 Roamed the streets as murderer and robber; fouled Svarta Svärden's vengeance by striking a protection deal with the Chaosists; target of uncounted revenge mobs; accidentally ended up a mercenary on the side of Hjortkloe Manufaktur and became their utterly loyal henchman.
2146 Seemingly abandoned by HKM; sold Kemskrap; revealed dirty dealings of the Water Federation to the Dukhi in an interrogation of the last Water Federalist in Stråssa; leaked secrets from the archive of Info Direkt, then handed over said archive to an agent of Hjortkloe Manufaktur.
2147 Sold Rutteskrutt and tried to publicly deny the infamous visit to a mutant brothel undertaken by Jonas Hjortkloe; betrayed Pansarvargarna; impersonated the Devil to Kill Town; mustered and led the great Lion Hunt of 2147, which saw Leo lynched by a mob for the sake of Konduktören's lies.
2148 Will allegedly serve Tåget. Acting operative of HKM in Stråssa. Wanted by Leo.

Security Guard Konduktör Én (colloquially: Konduktör'n) (also known as: Borstis, Sköldis, Kvasten, Idiot) is a both an adopted tribesman of Tåget, a certified idiot, and a henchman currently employed by Hjortkloe Manufaktur following displays of absolute mercenary loyalty during Jonas Hjortkloe's failed expedition to Stråssa in 2145. This traitor, liar and murderer proved his mettle when paid and placed under superior (some would snarl, arrogant) leadership. Hjortkloe Manufaktur cracked the code for turning this villainous rascal into a competely loyal asset, and he is forever in their thrall.

The origins of Konduktör Én are shrouded in mystery. Some have noted his cameleontine tendency to mimic the dialects of others, which put his very homeland and mother language in doubt. Still, his earliest known affiliation is with Tåget, from Rälsa-Krylbo in what was once southern Dalarna. Tåget is a tribe obsessed with trains, yet with an alarmingly faulty understanding of railways and locomotives. For one thing, they firmly believe that trains were able to fly in the olden days, and now seek to reproduce the marvels of these flying trains, scavenging far and wide for blueprints and components. Konduktör'n has never left this maverick tribe, yet true to his sly nature, he has simultaneously worked for other groups in parallell with Tåget.

Morten von Müller, Direktör of Info Direkt
Atal of the Dukhi Tribe, scout of Info Direkt
Erik "Flugan" Asbester, failed courier of Info Direkt

Courier of Info Direkt (2144)

His first parallell employer was Info Direkt (a front for money laundering) in 2144, headed by Direktör Morten von Müller. On the surface, Konduktör Én seemed to be the company's best employee, for he carried out his courier and information harvesting duties with slavish energy, trudging up gravel slopes in full armour merely to hand over advertisement papers. Yet behind Direktör von Müller's back, Konduktör Én constantly betrayed his boss and leaked information. For example, Info Direkt was hired by Jonas Hjortkloe to spy on KÅP, Red People's Front and the Chaosists to check if these anarchic groups were collaborating (they were not). Konduktör Én carried out the lenghty questioning of members from all these groups, yet he simultaneously leaked information about this espionage mission commissioned by HKM to the Red Peoples Front.

Direktör Morten von Müller was threatened and hunted by the Gullstäutar Köpmannagille from Gotland, who claimed that he owed them a huge debt in money. This tense issue finally seemed to be resolved after von Müller and his Dukhi scout Atal in the dead of night were knifed down in rainwater puddles on the gravel streets of Stråssa. Following this violent deed, Direktör von Müller underwent a life-saving surgical operation involving bionic implantation, carried out by ARS&e Mechanics. These procedures deleted his memory of the recent throat-cutting.

Yet the snake known as Konduktör Én then went in secrecy to Gullgaukn, the leader of Gullstäutarna, making her promise to never reveal the source for this crucial piece of information, and told her that "The Direktör have hired assassins to repay a disservice which he no longer remembers." Upon swallowing this blatant lie, Gullgaukn swore in surprise, and had one of her underlings cut down Direktör von Müller a second time. A rowdy verbal confrontation followed where von Müller denied any hiring of assassins. As Gullstäutarna left, Gullgaukn glared murderously at Konduktör'n, but stuck to her word and did not disclose her source after all.

Konduktör Én also spoiled a hidden ambush by roaring and charging, and unwittingly had his fellow mercenary raiders mowed down in the darkness (except for his Info Direkt colleague Atal, who continued to snipe away at the targets of the failed ambush). Moreover, in 2144 he and a couple of other raiders, initiated a headhunt on Chaosists in the name of The Holy Church (cutting down a couple of people who were not Chaosists, and then roaring "The Swedish Church sends their regards!" into the Chaosist camp), which quickly escalated. In response, all Chaosists marched to the Church. There they confronted a lone priest, accusing the Holy Church of the Headhunt. The priest opened his arms as if to forgive the Chaosists for all of their sins, and was stabbed in the chest with a knife in return. A violent firefight erupted on the street, and all the Chaosists were mowed down.

A short while before, Konduktör Én had emerged from the Bar in Sinterverket. There he found Gullgaukn standing alone with her back to him. Reasoning that offense is the best defense, he rushed out and cut her down from behind, with a snide remark that the Direktör was lying (and that he wouldn't loot her as a mark of politeness, have a good day!). As he strutted away, he was shot down from behind by the two non-Chaosists that he had assaulted shortly before. There, Gullstäutarna and the non-Chaosists almost came to blows over who should take Konduktör Én captive. Almost. The non-Chaosists won the argument, and dragged him to the Holy Church, where the churchmen roared and pointed weapons in righteous fury at the villainous bastard. Then, the two vengeful non-Chaosists dragged the wounded Konduktör Én to the Chaosist camp, yet found not a soul in that place. This was because they had all marched out to retaliate against the Holy Church; every last one of them...

Following this uproar, Konduktören's employer von Müller actually went to the Church on his own initiative, explaining that it had all been a misunderstanding, and extracted both an apology and a Heaven or Hell scratchcard from The Holy Church. Not only that, but Direktör Morten von Müller told Konduktör Én, his most trusted co-worker and diligent courier, that he would get to inherit Info Direkt if the Direktör would die in that night's grand fight. This revelation was quickly regretted, however, since von Müller discovered the sheer extent of Konduktören's betrayal. The courier disappeared from Stråssa. Enraged, von Müller slaved away at an investigation into who this treacherous Konduktör Én actually was. Yet a few weeks afterward, Direktör Morten von Müller himself disappeared.


Roaming Bandit Employed By Hjortkloe Manufaktur (2145)

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