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The Lion of Stråssa
Type Hero
Title Captain
Home Stråssa
Years in Stråssa
2147 Victim of a vicious smear campaign on the streets and in Radio Active which directly led to the Lion Hunt of 2147, which saw Leo lynched by a mob for the sake of Konduktör Én's lies.
2148 Seeking just revenge for last year's Lion Hunt.

Leo the hero is the shining saviour of his village, the Lion of Stråssa and the idol of thousands. Famous for his dashing good looks and deeds of daring-do, this hero bestrides the wasteland like a colossus.

Leo the warrior has slayed more of Pansarvargarna than any man, woman or mutant alive, and he has singlehanbedly stopped the inbred hordes of Lindesberg from overrunning the emporium of Stråssa Sinterverk.

Leo the great is admittedly narcissistic and obsessed with his hairdo. In 2146, Detektivbyrå Tre lingon drove through the middle of a massive firefight with 1'000 caps as ransom for Leo's pliers.


I Need a Hero by Bonny Tyler.

Seeking Revenge

Captain Leo was the victim of the great Lion Hunt of 2147, a vicious desinformation smear campaign directly followed by a lynchmob hunting down their great protector. In 2148, he seeks his revenge, with the help of the people in Stråssa.

Lion Hunt of 2147 Photography Gallery

The Lion's Revenge (2148)

The following year saw the consequences hit home for the despicable actions carried out against the grand protector of Stråssa, in the form of a sweeping campaign involving wanted posters and bounty hunters. Justice was achieved, and Leo's honour restored.

HKM Comic: Lion Hunt (2147)

Lion Hunt (2147) is a historical HKM Comics booklet which deals with actual events of said year, involving a whirlwind of lies and desinformation culminating in the lynching of Captain Leo. Commonly known as the infamous Lion Hunt of 2147. HKM denies any connection to said events, and further denies all rumours about Jonas Hjortkloe and a mutant brothel.

Public download (PDF)