Lion Hunt of 2147

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The year 2147 saw the heinous lynching of Leo, the famous heroic protector of Stråssa, by his own people that he had fought all his life to defend.

It started with DJ's trashtalking in Radio Active. Aki of the Dukhi carried over the torch to Konduktör Én, who launched an energetic smear campaign, mustering a vast lion hunt party and leading it to a successful lynching of Leo the hero. The desinformation methods are a clearcut example of those used by the shady Info Direkt.


Rumours had already been circulating in the filthy squalor that is Stråssa. Nasty words of nasty deeds, of a rich heir throwing himself into the depths of obscenity, and of a Scanian leader following suit. Of murder and betrayal. Of shame and of madness.

Such were the words on the street, yet no rumour could ever trump the insidious claim that soon echoed through Radio Active and made the slums reverberate with shocking revelations. In a world fallen apart, precious few things were ever stable and trustworthy, yet for a long time the inhabitants of Stråssa had known in their bones that they could trust their one mighty champion. Against the hordes of Panzer Wolves had he stood, a Herculean bulwark against the darkness, a daring hero of dazzling looks and strong arms. Yet not even the hard armour and solid reputation of such a beloved leader figure in the community was immune to the acid bite of rumour and scandal.

Tongues waggled and disgust reared its ugly head. Betrayal! Depravity! An enormity was brewing in the very midst of the settlement, and its perpetrator was none other than the man every girl wanted to have and every boy wanted to be. A role model of a man once known for his heroic exploits, success had now corrupted his mind, and victories galore had lit a baleful hunger of ambition in the heart of Leo, the champion and protector of Stråssa. People chattered and the radio rang out its insidious message, fuelled by information handed over by a bribed beggar (who earned 16 caps for his hard mouth work). Words hammered in the ears of men and women, and they beat out a revolting beat:

Leo the great was no longer what he seemed to be. For Leo the great visited mutant brothels, and he cooperated with the very Panzer Wolves which he himself would seem to combat out in the field. Leo it was, who had opened the front gate in the pallisades and let in twenty Panzer Wolves into town last night! Leo, who was involved in the shady business of wild-mutant serums, was in fact training the Panzer Wolves for war. With his expert knowledge of tactics, Leo the mighty had forged a howling ragtag militia into a disciplined fighting force, and the recent improvement in Panzer Wolf combat performance was indeed clear for all to see. Leo was giving the rabid Wolves sharper claws and wits with which to fight, with which to tear Stråssa and all its inhabitants apart. And Leo was very soon going to strike, betraying all those who trusted in him for their defence to make himself unrivalled warlord over all of Stråssa and beyond. His sights were set at nothing short of empire, and the steps he was willing to tread, went over the skulls and cracked bones of the very settlers he had protected for so long.

Yet wise advice landed in the ears of the agent of judgement, and he acted swiftly to save the people. And so a rallying cry went out, for brave fighters to assemble and hunt down this fallen hero! It was now or never, before the killing blow was struck by this ravenous predator and his inbred followers. In but one hour was the warband mustered. And so was a great lion hunt launched by the bravest raiders in the wasteland, by those willing to fight to save themselves from the traitor. To overcome this monster that sported a famous hairdo to match both his ego, and his hunger for absolute power.

Long did they track the wild lion, until scouts at last found him in the open. Yet the lion was cunning, and threw away a pitiful few of his Panzer Wolf minions, with himself leading the town defence against this supposed threat. Not being fooled by such an obvious trick, the agent of judgement confronted the fallen hero with all his treacherous depravity, right to his handsome face. Leo, ever keen of wit, declared the actions of Stråssa's citizens to be duped, and asked if the agent of judgement truly wanted to fulfill this mad course of action. Here the agent of judgement took control of the situation, for he called on the lion hunters, and signalled for them to move back from the immediate blast radius. The call was given to fire, and all wavering doubt was overcome in the hearts of the warband, for they pulled their triggers and mowed down Leo the great where he stood. Pang!

And so ended the glorious lion hunt, according to one version of the tale. Other variants of the story, however, speak of doubt racking the armed crowd, for they then called out for proof of Leo's guilt, and were not appeased by the agent of judgement calling upon his own honour as an honest man for proof. Some even called out for money, as if they had undertaken a paid assassination! And so it was that the staunch agent of judgement was cut down by lowly men whose hearts were aflame with demonic greed, and his mangled body cast to the wayside by the ungrateful wretches...


About 50 people participated in the infamous Lion Hunt. Here are some of those known by name (please fill in):

Konduktör Én

Glonken of TASS


Rednar of Pang i Bygget




Jakov Isakov

Honda/Sleipner of Rekvisitionsutskottet


Azmodaniel and Benny Buer of Kill Town


I Need a Hero by Bonny Tyler.

Seeking Revenge

Captain Leo was the victim of the great Lion Hunt of 2147, a vicious desinformation smear campaign directly followed by a lynchmob hunting down their great protector. In 2148, he seeks his revenge.

Lion Hunt of 2147 Photography Gallery

HKM Comic: Lion Hunt (2147)

Lion Hunt (2147) is a historical HKM Comic booklet which deals with actual events of said year, involving a whirlwind of lies and desinformation culminating in the lynching of Captain Leo. Commonly known as the infamous Lion Hunt of 2147. HKM denies any connection to said events, and further denies all rumours about Jonas Hjortkloe and a mutant brothel.

Public download (PDF)