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[[Category:Attending 2016]]

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The Octagon is a cult based around the music of EBM / Techno / Synth music with the basis in the Industrial dance-music scene. The cult believes that the answer to everything is in the rhythm of the music and the lyrics (called Verses) of the artists (called Evangelists) contained in the holy book Liberum 242 (which roughly is translated / called The book of 242). The basic gist of the religion is to believe in yourself and do as you please. Be that dancing, drinking, swearing, helping people in need, stealing or just about anything in between. As long as you yourself feel fulfilled and motivated by your living. The cult despises people doing something because “they have too” or “it’s their job”.

“Tell me a truth that I find not deceiving. Teach me a lesson that I understand”
The Octagon star, 2nd Generation

The Octagon

Octagon is the name of the Cult itself. It is often referred to as “The Octagon”, having the same meaning as when you refer to “The Church” as a group of power and government (example: “The church condemns such actions!” would be “The Octagon condemns such actions!”). The Octagon consists of many smaller and larger places of Worship also called Octanes (as in High Octane fuel) around Europe. The biggest in Octane at this time is called AKIMON and is located inside the ruins of Leipzig.

The Octagon consists of a strict hierarchy of priests, known as “Verkünders”. The Verkünders follow a simple system with three levels. The first being “Verkünder” who is the lowest rank. Above them you have the “Oberste Verkünder” which there are only a small number of, currently 8. Then you have the religious leader known as “Der Kanzler” which there is only one of. The Verkünders are the guardians of the Holy music of Liberum 242. They all carry a distinct data storage device, called Scientia Potentia, full of the Holy music. It is the Verkünders job to guard this music and use it to spread the Holy word. The spreading of the Holy word is often done through playing the music for listeners at the various Octanes, these dance sessions are called a Mass, as in “I attended the mass yesterday”.

The symbol of the Octagon used to be a normal eight pointed star, but is now usually portrayed in a more stylized, modern and geometrical way.

Liberum 242

Liberum 242 is the Holy book of the Octagon. It is said to be filled with the wisdom of the evangelists of the old world. The book is said to have been compiled by the first ever Kanzler of the Octagon and was filled with the wise words of the Evangelists transcribed from the original Scientia Potentia. The original Scientia Potentia is said to have been given to the first Kanzler by a being of supreme intelligence and power, what that being was, or is, is currently unknown. Liberum 242 has been printed multiple times and in multiple copies. According to legend the original Liberum 242 is still locked up inside the Octagon AKIMON outside Stahlwerk.


Syntherwerket (or “The Syntherwerk”) is a newly opened Octagon inside “Sinterverket” outside Stråssa in Sweden. Syntherwerket was founded in the summer of 2145 by and is now run by Verkünder Wootech of the Octagon.