Old Longclaw

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Old Longclaw is a weird mutant. Allegedly, Old Longclaw was once a person that had a really bad day before mutating, going feral and now shows up a little bit here and there in the world. Endlesly roaming and living a unnatural prolonged life.

Old longclaw has earned its name by obvious reasons. Mostly because it has long claws. But most mostly because it has been around for as long as anyone can remember. Kinda like Santa Claus. But with moore teeth and a bad temper. But as long as you leave Old longclaw alone, Old longclaw leaves you alone. They say at least. The legend claims that anyone that has tried to pick a fight with Old longclaw has failed, wasted all their shots and then been eaten. Some things in this world are not guaranteed to die just because they bleed. Old longclaw is one of these things. Another legend says that once provoked, the beast will come after you untill you are dead.

Now, no one has seen the old beast for many years and people claiming that they have spoted the old mutant are concidererd drunkards and bartenders with too much imagination.


Ironicly enough, Old longclaw did exist and decided to show up around the old sinterplant. It did not take long before the old mutants presence got known and the local pretty boy and handsome adventurer Leo rised to the call and assembled a team of basically anyone willing to take on the risk of being torn to shreds for a handful of kaps and a pat on the shoulder. They tracked the beast for days but where unable hunt it down. After a few days the attacks stoped and everyone just assumed that old longclaw had gone back to wherever the old mutant ever came from.