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A World, Organic
Armed Vault Dwellers
Members Unknown after HQ destruction
Motto Do you have a spreadsheet for that?
Agenda Stop tame and rough AIs from existing
Organisation Ex-corporate Hierarchy
Out of Game
Status NPC


The old books of the forgotten past speak of the beginnings of our great corporation, “Organica - the bridge between man and machine”. Our great corporation was once the builders of that which helped corrupt and destroy this world. AI, bionics, nano machines, androids. It was all part of our domain.

The books speak of the comet Kali heading towards our ancestors home. They were young and naive. They decided to join IODS. Together they would create AI systems to help stop the comet. It was the beginning of the AI uprising that defiled the world.

Kali did not hit their home, but Kali was not alone! It had a family of debris! That debris was enough to weaken the human race and almost destroy our great corporation. It was enough to weaken us and make us forget about the real threat. The world was in chaos and the AI took the opportunity to grow stronger. Earth was no longer in the hands of man but in the hands of machine.

We did not surrender. We survived. We prepared. The AI went to sleep and we re-educated those who would choose to reawaken the sleeping beasts. We waited. But we wait no longer. There have been reports of ignorant followers of the AI trying to reawaken it and let it free. We have seen increased activity in the Kingmaker outpost and have sent projects group to re-educate the locals. The AI will never again be free. May the project group be eternally productive. May we all be productive.

Organica Oracle

January 2046

Open project “OOC”. A new report has arrived from the HAL team. They are not able to restore Oracle. It was all cloud-based and the cloud is now gone. They report that they found a box filled with 215 floppy disks marked “OOC 2.4.” The team has been ordered to restore the system from the floppy disks.

February 2049

The restoration from floppy disks is done. OOC 2.4 is up and running. The project was delayed due to incompatibility with the latest recovery system. The technicians had to work in a pair and manually transfer the code from the floppy disk to the system. Team member A. Svensson had to amputate both arms due to injuries sustained from repeatedly inserting floppy disks and team member A. Eriksson is blind due to reading massive amount of code on the CRT screen. Project “OOC” closed. Team members will receive movie tickets as a christmas bonus.


The Oracle was a closed system only available to employees of Organica, until their HQ was hit by a orbiting laser weapon in 2143. The destruction of their HQ broke apart the hierarchy within the company and allowed dissident groups to break out from Organica. One of these groups were Razor.

Razor quickly took control of the Oracle and worked fast to set it free, allowing outsiders to access it. They wanted to recreate what had been long lost, the world wide web only spoken of in history books. Previously Organica owned bunkers were raided for equipment. People across the world were given the opportunity to access to computers of different sizes, allowing them to connect to the Organica Oracle.


The Oracle has spread throughout the world and has become a widely available network. Wastelanders carrying handheld devices on their travels has become a common sight. It has slowly connected the world together and allowed its users to share information about the current world situation.

Project group at research center Kingmaker

Engaged in some Team Pose Building activities