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Got a problem there, buddy?
Mercenary Raiders
Motto the howling of a wolf
Agenda Profit and Chaos (in that order)
Ethics Money > all else
Out of Game
Status NPC

Pansarvargarna (lit. the Panzer Wolves) is the name of a free company of mercenary raiders with roots in the far north. They are as well known for their loyalty to cold hard cash at they are for their ruthless recruitment tactics. A static core of skill, good training and superior arsenal have made them a force to be reckoned with.


The first time anyone heard the word pansarvarg was some 30 years ago. They came from a settlement up north and had military hardware and the know-how to use it. Their first goal was to set themselves up as a free company of fortune seekers and mercenaries, their second was to establish themselves as a group no one would have the guts to mess with. They succeeded with both.


Pansarvargarna have several companies of varying size and skill roaming through Europe. Many of them work along trade routes, others plan and execute raids on caravans and settlements that made the mistake of not hiring them.

Culture and Structure

A true Pansarvarg is always happy to see you
A true Pansarvarg is loyal to profits, their weapon, and their fellow pack members, in roughly that order. How one becomes a "true" Pansarvarg is a more complicated question. The best way is to be born into the organisation; anyone with a wolf mother or father is considered a "true pup" from birth and is invited along for their first raid by the time they are fourteen.

Pansarvargarna always accept volunteers into their ranks. These can expect weeks of endless tests and hazing until new volunteers come along to distract the pack.

Other ways into the organisation include getting kidnapped, press-ganged or straight up bought on of the many slave-markets around the world. Panserwolves often value numbers over skill and see no real problem with sending untrained disloyal people into the fray. Whoever survives and fail to run away is welcomed into the pack with little ceremony.

Geographical Influence

The official head quarters of Pansarvargarna is mobile and rarely stays for long in any one spot. Individual outposts and settlements exist across Scandinavia and parts of Europe. Their original stronghold is said to be somewhere far up north in something called Rödberget.

Lindesberg is one confirmed Pansarvarg stronghold.

Policies and Ambitions

The average Pansarvarg is chiefly interested in profits and survival. Generally in that order. Individuals are welcome to their personal convictions and ideas as long as they don't interfere with the mission statement or endanger the pack in an unacceptable way. Packleaders and high command often have more long term goals.

Most bigger organisations in the world view Pansarvargarna as a necessary evil, a pawn to be used in a bigger game. Pansarvargarna tend to view these organisations as pray of one kind or another. All alliances they make are temporary and easily broken.

They are completely neutral to so-called mutants and will both hire and work for them. Same goes for cybernetic individuals.

Rumours and Reputation

  • A number of Pansarvargar are said to have it out for the air wave heroes and all around good people in Radio Active.
  • Somewhere in the vicinity of the Sinterplant, a Pansarvarg of particular notoriety is said to roam. With a long blond mane and a smoke grenade in each hand, this apparition is known only as: Gasvargen.