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The Prophets of Steel is a religious order of metal! Founded by the former gute Lill Björn A.k.a. Kreator, after 29:es death Kreator left stråssa and wandered aimlessly in the wastes to find his place and safety. But on his travels he found shelter in a old museum(unknown location)where he stumbled upon the teachings of old gods and theoir holy psalms. Lilla Björn chose the name Kreator to be his sacred name and took upon him self to teach about guns, drugs and Rock'n roll.

Who are the prophets

The prohpets of steel are basically former raiders and lost souls that was found by or found their way to the Prohpets and the society started to grow. The society of the prophets moved to the outskirts of Gothenburg and found that the holy city was already occupied by The Batalion wich led to conflict between the societies.

But the prophets made the outer parts of Gothenburg their home, The prophets started to raid wastelanders, selling slaves and drugs to to get resources.

Religous practice

Many years ago the Gods came to earth in The great Led Zeppelin and they gave us their holy psalms to give us strenght. The greatest of the gods were Lemmy Kilmister. The worship is based on the psalms that tells us stories that are anchored in reality, some may tell about the past and the future and some may be used to guide you in life. It can be many things depending on the psalms.

A common practice is that the priesthood also known as the Judas Priest occasionally sends out priest to do a pilgrimmage to find the great holy city of Wacken in germany.

Practice of the religion is otherwise mostly about partying to please the gods.

The return of old gods

The prophets truly belive that the gods will return in the Led Zeppelin once more and that day will come after the world has truly ended and the gods will reshape the world for those who have been loyal to the gods.