Red Peoples Front

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Red Peoples Front (Krasny Narodny Front)
Agenda Gather the people under the flag of Socialism, seek revenge for Vladimirograd
Government Socialistic
Techlevel Medium, relies on heavy industry and food production
Trade Steel, timber, agricultural produce
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Western Sweden
""Comrades, the world lays in ruins. And the three powers found guilty of that is Capitalism, the Class-Bound Society and Xenophobia! But not all is broken and lost, from the east comes a red storm that will cleanse the world from the old and faulty thinking! They might have crawled out from a forgotten crater or reappeared in the thoughts of the feeble-minded, it does not matter. We will crush these antiquated ideas and make sure that they never arise again! But don’t forget the People, the ones we are fighting for. We suffer, so they don’t have to suffer later. We sacrifice ourselves so they can live in peace. We fight, so fighting will be a long forgotten thing for the future generations! Forward, my Krasny Narodny Front! To victory!'"
- Part of the first speech held in Vladimirograd after the opening of the bunker

The Red Peoples Front resides in the remnants of former Russia. It's a very diverse gathering of people, all gathered under the red flag of Socialism.


Poster showing the steelworks in Cherepovets
When the last Great War drew closer, many people from the Old Russian republic sought refuge and shelter in large, underground bunkers. Generals, party officials and their families and the top layer of the society of the time fled down into the concrete-reinforced earth, sealed off the entrance and listened to the world as they knew it obliterate itself in radioactive fire and madness. The old order, teeming with capitalism and huge class differences, still ruled to start with but there was an increasing anger among the general populace and like a smouldering fire it just needed a spark so start. When the spark came, a revolution swept through the concrete tunnels below the tainted soil and the old order was swiftly replaced with a socialistic ruling party. Non-believers in this new way were either converted, indoctrinated or assassinated until the perfect new society were created. A socialistic community where everyone is equal, where the old ideas of racism and sexism did not exist anymore. This means that the current generation (the first one after the opening of the bunker) have never heard of racism or sexism. For them, all Comrades are equal.

Rise and fall of Vladimirograd

70 years after the bunker was sealed the doors once again opened and out marched Krasny Narodny Front (the Red Peoples Front) to retake the surface and save the world in the name of socialism. They chose the city St Petersburg as their capital and base of operations and after rebuilding the city centre they renamed it Vladimirograd. Since then they have slowly spread over the former European area, receiving mostly praise due to their nature of helping the people, be it from mutated animals highwaymen or the poisonous thoughts of capitalism. A few years ago the Front crossed the treacherous waters between Rodina and Scandinavia and founded a colony of sorts among the ruins of the city once known as Norrtälje, named Sestra-Strana. However, the actions of the Red Peoples Front gathered the interest of groups hostile to the thought of socialism and after a clash in Stråssa an old weapon in orbit around Earth was activated and aimed towards Vladimirograd. The destruction was more or less total, with a crater of irradiated glass now sitting where the proud city once stood.

Regroup, survive, rebuild

When the smoke cleared and the extent of the destruction stood clear, many people thought that the last page in the story of the Red Peoples Front was written. But in the middle of all the darkness a spark was ignited in the hearts of the remaining people, awakening a need for justice. The survivors gathered the meager resources they could find and left. It was time to find a sanctuary and after some discussion they found a place at the Steel State. Refugees started to arrive in greater and greater numbers, the air filled with the buzzing of radiowaves and when one of the last surviving radio bunkers sent a message about regrouping the small trickle of refugees grew to a mighty stream. This however caused irritation among the Steel State, both living space and supplies started to grow thin and there was some concerned voices about the difference in ideologies. In the middle of this small chaos a unmarked group arrived and demanded a meeting with the remaining officers of the Front. What was said is unknown but after the meeting a man and a woman stood up and took charge over the Front. It was time to start the rebuild of the nation. Once again it was time to gather up the belongings and move but this time it was different, this time people had a raging fire in their hearts. The Front survives, The Front can't be held down. The march began eastwards with a clear target in sight. Moscow.

Moscow, dreams and reality

A worker watching over the outskirts of Moscow, early spring 2145.
Rebuilding a city is hard work, it's even harder when you have limited resources and the city itself is teeming with raiders, bandits and horrible things yet to be named. After getting their first glance of the enormous task ahead the stream of people turned north for the time being and set their sight on the industrial town of Cherepovets. Workers flooded the industries, the roaring fires of the furnaces could be seen burning day and night, timber was felled in great numbers and slowly things started to look brighter. The assault on Moscow is now in full swing although there is a shortage of proper news from the area.