Ruins of mölnbo

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The ruins of Mölnbo as seen in the Oracle

Mölnbo is a small town located in Stockholm County. The town itself has been as good as uninhabited for decades, with only a few low life scum inhabiting its ruins. Looking back, Mölnbo hasn't been a big point of interest except being a railway point on the way to Stockholm and other major cities, but has been largely left alone due to the low population and significance of the town during the last few decades.

Anticimex's headquarters

Recent activity

Most noticable is the unusually high activity within (the actual) Anticimex's old storage facility. It seems a cult that has taken the same name as the old company has inhabited their old building and is more often than not out hunting for something they seem to be very dedicated to find.

Off notice

We get that you already understand this but we just want to make it clear. The Blodsband Reloaded group called Anticimex has absolutely no ties what so ever to the real Anticimex and what is written on this page is a pure work of fiction only based on the real company name and idea and is only intended for the larp