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When the wind blows and the moon is full. Rustpest comes. Like a shaddow the monster stalks the woods and search for prey. A horrible mutant with big horns and a hunger that cannot be satisfied. Those who have fought with Rustpest and live to tell the tale speaks of a horned monster with teeth like fingers. Rustpest is a hunter, a patient one that hunts by hearing rather than sight. According to those who have tangled with the monster claim that is almost blind but as soon as it can sense a soundsource, That particular source making the sound is going to have a very bad day. Normal weapons do not hurt Rustpest. Some say that they have emptied entire clips into the beasts face without even slowing it down.


In the end, the hunter became the hunted and Rustpest found itself surrounded by part Leo and his crew backed up by the biker gang "Rats" They did not only manage to kill the beast but Leo also ripped Rustpests face off to show the people in the settlement that the lurking nightmare had finally been killed.