Shake Hands With Danger

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Shake Hands with Danger was the fifth Blodsband: Reloaded LARP. It took place in Stråssa between the 30th of august and the 1st of september 2018, about year after Danger Zone. There was attendance.

In Game

The year is 2147.

It started some six months ago. Messages appearing on the terminal, asking for information, for help, for someone to talk to. They had many different stories, but they were all from the same place: an underground facility known to them only as C3.

Eventually, the people down in C3 established strong connections to two of the groups local to Stråssa/Outpost Valkyrie - Fransoserna and Omega 13.

The Lantern system outside of the outpost would be of great help to the people down in C3. With it, they claimed, the facility could be either opened, or destroyed.

Speaking from inside C3, a faction known as the Guardians claimed that whatever was down there (including themselves) was too dangerous to ever be let out. They champion wholesale destruction of C3. True, they will all perish down there but the world will be safer for it. They have convinced Fransoserna to aid them.

A different faction from within C3, lead by someone called Danger, has a different idea. It’s basically “please let us out of here, who cares about the risk???”. They do not want to die, and they’ve successfully gotten Omega 13 to sign up to help them. At what price? Well, we might all learn very soon.

Then one day, a third challenger appeared. They come from outside of C3, and are as elusive as they are shady. They've made themselves known to only a scant few in the past three or so years, following a now cured plague. Their selected champion is Dödskulten. They too want to crack that bunker open, but not for personal gain. Their goals beyond that aren’t necessarily clear - but there is a lot of talk about partying forever.

Some other things happened as well, but in the end, Dödskulten & Omega 13 teamed up against Fransoserna to open a bunker that the French reallyreallyreally want to keep closed. That eventually led to Friendly Fire.