Shot in the Dark

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Shot on the Dark
idk, got kaps?
Mercenary Booze Purveyors
Employees 4 - 12 depending on finances
Motto You're not drunk enough!
Agenda Make kaps, serve drink, stay cool
Out of Game
Status Official

Shot in the Dark is a bar located on the first floor of the Sinterplant. It has seen many different names on its ownership papers, but it's never done as well as it has under the leadership of what may be its most competent bartender yet, Barbie. She employs a small but dedicated force of workers who help her keep the place stocked, lit and decorated if not safe and clean. The bar is sanctioned by the Water Federation but run autonomously.

Bar Menu

Care to take a gamble good sir/madam?
What the bar serves depends a lot on what caravans have come by in the last few weeks. Questionable beverages on tap (commonly beer and cider, or something like it), filtered water and hard candy somehow never seem to run out.

On a good day you may also be able to get a hold of some mystery cans of food, coffee, hard liquor and cookies.

Rumors have it that those in the know can connect their hardware to the local information databank and network in the bar, but nothing is of yet substantiated.

Out of Game

The bar is financed by the larp and is as such free in as far as out-of-game currency goes. It will accept kaps, and may accept bartered items at the personnel's discretion. Some items on the menu contains actual alcohol (at 2.8% vol or less). These will be clearly marked on the menu for those who wish to avoid alcohol.