Silverskill Trading Company

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Silverskill Trading Company
A Bird for the Road
Caravans and Currency
Boss Henrietta Silverskill
Motto Slow by Steady
Ethics No slavetrade, no intoxicants
Out of Game

The Silverskill Trading Company is a trade and transport organisation operating in the Scandinavian Wasteland. They have been around since 2095 and their caravans are a popular if not exactly safe way to travel, have goods delivered or earn some money as a mercenary.


In 2095, organised trade officially returned to what used to be Scandinavia. More and more traders and caravans could be seen along the dusty roads.

It was a tough life. Only the luckiest, cleverest and strongest traders managed to build and maintain small supply lines between settlements. Over the years, many caravans and runners were lost to raiders, poor weather and bad maps. Only a few trading houses ever managed to amount to more than a few carriages. Among these were the Skilverskills, a family of hardworking and honest wagon runners. The founder, a Desmond Silverskill, laid down the foundations to a small business empire that flourishes to this day.


The Sillverskill Company is owned and managed by Henrietta Silverskill. She’s known to be tough but fair both in life and in business. The Silverskills have been active for generations. They are known for their adherence to personal ethics and morals which forbids them to engage with trading narcotics or people. No drugs and no slaves, in other words.

The family motto has always been "Slow but steady" and Henrietta is dedicated to keeping both family values and business values strong.

Whenever the Company establishes a new trading route, that route is given its own name and often a designated family member to manage it. After two years of careful planning and surveying, the Silverskill Trading Company has opened up several trade lines.

The Silverskill Trade Lines

The Siverskills have established several trade lines that their caravans travel up and down. These are named after various precious metals, because that's how they roll.

The Gold Line

The Gold Line is the fundamental life vein that fuels house Silverskill with kaps and supplies. The line goes between Gothenburg and up to the trading stations in Charlottenberg, close to the old Norwegian border. The caravans do not venture beyond the trading stations. Some say it is because of the dangers posed by mutated ogres, roaming the infested woods. Others claim that it is entirely because of heavily armed norse folks that don't want outsiders getting close to the coast where the trading ships from far away comes in every other year. For the runners of the Gold Line it makes little difference. The trading stations are always able to stock up the caravans and not all caravans are able to get a signed barter contract with the stations. To mess with them would create a ”You win some, you lose everything else and your shirt” situation for anyone who would try.

The Silver Line

The Silver Line stretches from Stockholm and down towards Malmö. It is the second most profitable trading line house Silverskill holds dominion over. Though it is one of the more raider populated routes and thus making it one of the more deadlier ones, the caravans that makes it create hardened veterans whom, if they live long enough, can be upgraded to Gold Line runners and enjoy a life filled with less gut-shots on their persons.

The Bronze Line

Also known as the dead man's march, the Bronze Line goes north from Uppsala and further into the north. The destination often shifts between different settlements, as settlements up there tend not to last long. Folks who agree to do trade along the Dead Man's March are always volunteers who often value kaps over their comrades lives. It is not rare to find ex-raiders and seasoned scavengers down on their luck in the ranks that makes the caravans that go north. The pay is high though, and survivors usually only have to go on one tour before quitting the job and moving on to a more secure route.

Legend of the Lost Caravan

A few years ago, a caravan was lost in the wilderness traveling the Bronze Line. They were to deliver goods to local chief known as Bestraffar-Bengt but the entire crew just disappeared. No one had touched the crates they hauled however. It is said that scouts from Bengt's fort found the crates and torched them without even looking inside. Why anyone would do that sounded crazy but it is also know that the chief himself is both a paranoid believer in the occult and surrounds himself with psychic fortune tellers. Whatever they found stained on the crates spooked them so much that they did not even care for the loot. What happened to the crew, no one knows. According to house Silverskill's journal for the run, the crew were led by an individual named "Dope".

People in the office puts the blame on poor choice of crew leader but since the crew that runs the Bronze Line always get to decide among themselves with the help of a coin toss, no one could really be blamed. After all, there are rarely anyone in the crew for the Bronze Line that is suited to lead anything. The whole ordeal now serves as good material for telling scary stories among other caravans when they sit around the camp fire. Telling the stories of "Dope’s ghost leading you astray” and "The Lost Caravan".

The Platinum Line

This route goes somewhere between old Örebro and all the way over to the East Coast. The decision to open the line came after Henrietta saw the potential in having caravan going through lands inhabited by the Water Federation. A profitable, risky move as the caravans now need to go through areas that are well-know to be infested with both Panzerwolves and marauders.

So far, thanks to luck and loyal guards, it’s been going well. However, not everyone is happy about the Silverskills making kaps off a new trading route.

There is another company that could kill (very literally) to be the ones owning the Platinum Line. They are Mossgrove Munitions.