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"Quick kaps, easy fixes. Number one rule: just cause you pay don't mean you gotta trust 'em."
- Scavenger Jane's Guide to the Wasteland
Avarage scraphunting heroes/knaves/other/individuals-of-fortune-that-don't-like-lables
Skrotjägare (lit. scrap hunters) is a collective name used for fortune seekers who traverse the wasteland in search of riches, adventure, enlightenment, true love or something equally unlikely. The name is either derogatory or a badge of honor, depending on who's talking. It's also somewhat misleading as most of skrotjägare don’t consider hunting for scraps to be their only source income. Common moonlighting gigs include banditry, bounty hunting, trading or acting as ambulating guides, mechanics or medics. Washed or unwashed, they are by and large scoundrels and whatever their chosen profession, they are career opportunist almost to a fault.

As a skrotjägare can be from literally any background and corner of the world, the way they look will be extremely varied. Good boots are pretty common sight as walking over the brittle bones of my predecessors and running away from a bigger predator is pretty much the first line of the job description.