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The X-pert insignia
Don't worry! We're the experts!
Members Around 7
Main income Specialized services
Secondary income Expert advice
Home where the trouble is
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Gbg/Sthlm/Lkpg
Contact henrik.berg.gm@gmail.com
Off-inspiration Commandos (pc-game), Student fraternities, Guerilla soldiers

"Who are the specialists you ask? We're the experts. The saboteurs. The fixers and tinkerers. The zappers and investigitators you so sorely need. We are the dagger in your enemies side, the bullet hole in their vest, the poison in their hydro and the black crater where their deathwagon once stood. Oh... did I mention we do drinks and torture too?"

-Catilyn Nark, Special Public Relations Expert

The Gist

"Specialisterna" (The specialists) are a traveling group of mercenaries and scavengers who have banded together for mutual benefits. They are commandos, saboteurs, guns for hire and expert consultants, for a price. How the team and their traditions (and there are a lot of those) started is long forgotten. However, signs of their origins can be found on their clothes and in their weird gimmicks. Every specialist carries a signature coverall that seems to serve a purpose beyond just warmth and protection. On it they collect patches, pins and mementos from their achievements and specialties as well as stains and bullet holes from awesome and unforgettable parties.

The life of a specialist is a life of dedication to the craft. "One does not simply half ass a job!". Perfection is King. Those who have met a representative of Specialisterna might have learned the hard way what it means to call a specialist "basic", "normal", "mediocre" or "simple". There could be no greater insult to an specialist expert than being told their work is average. For your own well being it is best to use a superlative and positive vocabulary. Words such as "advanced", "skilled", "extraordinary" and "amazing" might just let you keep your head. And in the best cases, drive down the price of the very challenging and specialised interrogation and/or assassination you were looking to negotiate.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a quick fix to you problem, the specialists are NOT for you. Their schemes and plans sometimes border on the insane and overly complicated. Yet the result is often a story that will be told by generations. The specialists are for those who want elaborate plans carried out in an overly dramatic and complex fashion. With emphasis on the fashion!

"Vi har bevis som pekar på deras inblandning i minst 78 öppna fall över hela norden men vi har inte med 100% säkerhet kunnat binda dem till något av dem. Ett bankrån i Stålstaten, medhjälp vid flykten från Novas arbetsläger 31, bombningen av RFFs ambassad i Lindesberg och stöten mot kyrkans heliga kasino i Linköping. Dessa är bara de mest kända, högkvarteret har femton arkivskåp dedikerade enbart till fall där Specialisterna misstänks ha varit inblandade...."

-Detektiv Thunberg at Detektivbyrå Tre lingon's office in Stråssa

The Death Menu

Travelling from place to place, the team doesn't always have time to stay in one place long enough to get a reputation going. To counter this they have made an smart and stylish menu with some of their most popular services offered. This is a way for new clients to quickly get a grip of the broad specialized smorgasbord of the specialists. The menu contains such basics as; enforcing, headhunting, interrogations, killings, beatings, bombings, gassings, scavengings, party-fixing, escort and/or espionage, vehicle repairs, terminal and lantern hacks, kidnapping, birthday surprises for your loved ones, wrecking, mimicry, dance battles, sabotage, protection and much... MUCH more. It's a quick and easy way to get a grip of just what the specialists can do for you. Don't forget that you can always supersize your order, or ask for hacking with extra files.

The Goal

Unlike many mercenaries the Specialists isn't in it for the caps. Caps is for most part simply a means to achieve a goal. All the loot in the wastes is nothing compared to achieving true perfection. That is what most specialists strive for. However their means of going about this might differ from expert to expert. Some might be traveling with the group to simply become the best at what they do. Some do it for the fame. But some are traveling in the search of paradise; Engelska Parken (The english park). A place of true perfection, or so the stories and the song of prophecy says. Where this place might be, no one knows, but it is said to be just around the "krök" and if you are a little "fröken" Owe Törnqvist will show you the way. Just look out for the cacti that's been planted on the ground. In Engelska parken it is believed that everything is perfect and that it is the one place from which the entire world can be restored to its former dancing glory. Some believe in the rumor that there is, somewhere in the wasteland, a Geo-Protocol Specialist (GPS) that knows the secret location of Engelska parken.

Client Confidentiality

The specialists are a service you hire. It can be as easy as to drop a bag of caps and a note of instructions or you can be an intricate (very intricate) part of the operation. The specialists have no true code of conduct. It's more of a case-by-case wibbly wobbly sort of mutual agreement that once you pay, the experts assume responsibility of you anonymity. This is best described in a quote from specialist Atticus Flink, who said:

"Think of the specialists as a turd sandwich that you throw at anyone you want. Only it's a heat seeking sandwich. And it is on fire. And there's also radioactive bees in the sandwich. And shards of glass. Maybe poison. Anyway, the point is that you're behind cover when you throw it. So nobody has to know it was you. Then if the target survives, it is up to them if they want to get their hands dirty making a new flaming turd sandwich... Most people don't."

-Atticus Flink to the inhabitants of the aptly named “Flink Crater”, formerly the township of Finn’s-pong

Known Specialists

Lee - Mechanic

Cassandra "Cas" - Heavy Weapons & Armour

Cig "Cig-Zag" Curtis - Medic

Sven - Sniper & Weapon specialist

Atticus "Flinken" Flink - Demolitions

Vektrina - PR specialist

Sid Malicious (a.k.a. Shotgun Sid) - Close to long range combat. Negotiator

- MIA -

Catilyn "Snarky" Nark - Public relations (presumed dead after falling asleep behind the wheel)

Mr. Ghillie - Covert operations & camouflage specialist (Has never been seen)

Vasco "Tabasco" Toledo - SpecOps. & Infiltration (Went deep under cover. Never surfaced)

Known Clients

Byra Tanks - Protection services and entourage

Klustret - Wrecking and Sabotage

Fransoserna - Baguette dealers and occasional Wrecking

Stråla Brännarna - Distribution and Consuption

Gopniks - Guns and Container-heat-system-providers

Snapphane klanen - Medical assistance

CyberCom - Didn't blow them (and outpost Valkyrie) to smithereens