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Some say it came from the darkest pit of fire and radioactive dust. Others say it has always been there. Watching, lurking and stalking when darkness falls. That it walks beside the humans, punishing them for the sins they have done. Many has tried to kill it. Everyone has failed.

Once human, now a twisted form of life. A mutant so deranged it should not live. But it does.

It goes by a name. Stitch. No one knows who gave it that silly name. Or why. Everyone has heard the legend of Stitch. The mutant that has gone beyond feral and has become something else. Something lethal and sneaky.

Kids beware and check under your beds. Because when night falls. Stitch rises.

So goes the legend of Stitch.

No one trustworthy had heard or seen this monster of a mutant. Untill it showed up around the mining site and started maiming people left and right. In the end the mystery unfolded and it was reviled that stitch was the result of an experiment conducted by one "Dr Krausler." Other experiments, though not as vioilent as stitch, found their lost sibling. They did the effort to domesticate the mad mutant but in the end stitch met death through a toxic injection.