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A typical street-view (2147).
The vibrant street life (2147).
Sandbankarna (2147).

The slum settlement in and around Sinterverket (The Sinterplant) of Lovisagruvan outside the ruins of old Stråssa, is commonly referred to simply as Stråssa. After the apocalypse and the subsequent chaos, survivors took refuge to easily defendable locations all over the world, and Stråssa was no exception. The people moved from the bombed-out township ruins to higher ground, fortifying and settling parts of the abandoned industrial precincts of Lovisagruvan.

Modern Stråssa is a wasteland emporium and draw travellers from all over the region, and indeed even from far-flung places across the world. This favela becomes a hotbed of intrigue and violence during the summer fair, where secrets are precious and life is cheap. Stråssa has grown famous as an epicentre for tech-scavenging and the recovery of technological artefacts.

It is protected by the renowned hero Leo the great, the Lion of Stråssa, who has kept the inbred tide of Pansarvargarna from Lindesberg at bay. Stråssa was the scene of the infamous Lion Hunt of 2147 where an intense desinformation smear campaign through Radio Active and subsequent street agitation led to the lynching of Leo.

Jonas Hjortkloe, eldest son of Greger Hjortkloe and heir to Hjortkloe Manufaktur in Progresse, New Västervik, has become an infamous and commonly hated figure in Stråssa thanks to his own arrogant and insufferable conduct as a bred brat.

Out of Game

The Sinterplant is owned and maintained by Batalj. It is for realsies an old sinter production plant. Learn some local history!