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[[Category: Organization]] [[Category: Attending 2019]]
[[Category: Organization]] [[Category: Attending 2019]]
[[File:Svarta Svärden 2147.jpg|thumb|left|''The false poster that saw Svarta Svärden massacred in a crater (2147): "Don't buy bullets. Buy knives. With ugly regards the Black Swords."'']]
[[File:Svarta Svärden 03.jpg|thumb|right|''Who dared insult [[Pappas Pistoler]] (2147)?'']]
[[File:Kumlamilisen 01.jpg|thumb|right|''[[Kumla]] shoots to kill (2147).'']]
[[File:Konduktörens fjärde år 04.jpg|thumb|right|''Combat broom (2147).'']]
==Years in Stråssa==
===False Poster Crater Massacre (2147)===
On the subject of deviousness, ''some bastard'' had put up false posters featuring [[Pappas Pistoler]] crossed-over, with a below-the-belt advertising for Finnish knives, with ugly regards from Svarta Svärden. The Finns had forgotten this when they were asked by [[Konduktör Én]] to tag along with [[Pappas Pistoler]], their allies of [[Kumla]] and their random mercenaries into the woods, to search a crater for buried valuables. Out in the forest, Pappa forebodingly ordered everybody who wasn't of [[Kumla]]milisen or [[Pappas Pistoler]] to form a separate group. This was then ordered down, at gun-point, to search the mine-strewn crater for the buried goods (which [[Red Peoples Front]] had retrieved earlier, accompanied by ''Borstis''). As they found nothing, Pappa ordered everybody who wasn't part of Svarta Svärden to leave the crater. Konduktör'n climbed out of it with a malicious laughter.
Left behind in the hole, were the entire group of Svarta Svärden, with [[Kumla]]milisen in a ring around the crater lip. As the centre of attention stood a haunching Pappa, twirling his moustache, and speaking in an angry and tired voice: "''This is a good occassion to raise the question about those bloody notes you've put up'' with a cross over my face!"
Some few words back-and-forth followed, with feeble denial from Svarta Svärden's side, before Pappa ordered the [[Kumla]] gangsters to mow down the Finns were they stood. Svarta Svärden fell, with bullets hitting them from all sides, some even striking into their ears. As their bleeding bodies hit the dirt floor, [[Konduktör Én]] drew his sword, cut one [[Kumla]] militiaman down, and shouted "''For Finland!''" Svarta Svärden subsequently awarded ''Kvasten'' a Finnish medal for bravery.
He was immediately peppered with small-arms fire, and rolled down into the crater, triggering a gas mine in his heavy fall. Later, as the victims of the crater massacre limped home, Svarta Svärden asked Konduktör'n who had put up the posters, to which he replied with "''It was [[Info Direkt]].''" Svarta Svärden subsequently awarded ''Kvasten'' a Finnish medal for bravery.
As punishment for the (false) smear poster, Pappa refused to let the Finns purchase a fine pistol, and instead locked it in a safe, leaving the retired war veterans completely unarmed. The seeming end of Svarta Svärden's beef with [[Pappas Pistoler]] came when the ''nouveau riche'' Finnish war veterans approached [[Konduktör Én]] in fine costumes, and tossed up heaps of money that rained down around him. As ''Borstis'' scrambled in rigid armour to pick up all the paper caps, Svarta Svärden tasked him with attacking [[Pappas Pistoler]] and send their regards. Suddenly mad with wealth, Konduktör'n marched straight to Pappa's gunshop, waited sneakily outside, and called Slisk to him as the goon walked lone down the street. As Slisk approached, [[Konduktör Én]] cut him down, tossed five caps at his bleeding body on the ground (thus mimicking his superiors, the companions of [[Jonas Hjortkloe]] back in 2145) and shouted: "''Svarta Svärden send their regards!''"
Konduktör'n was immediately hunted down the streets, shot from behind and stomped upon while on the ground. Is this the end of the feud...?
[[Category: Organization]] [[Category: Attending 2019]]
[[Category: Organization]] [[Category: Attending 2019]]

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Saatana Perkele, Svarta Svärden! (2147)
Huko Poss! (2147)

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