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Tekniskt Avancerad SpecialStyrka
Members 6
Occupation Mercenaries
Main income Performing tasks of questionable morality
Secondary income Selling tonics, radio licenses and radios
Location At the start of Hook St. Behind the burnt out car
Active Yes
Out of Game
Location Stockholm
Contact Johan.a.nyqvist@gmail.com

TASS is a group of mercenaries and party animals with little to no moral obligations that will do whatever dirty deeds they can to earn kaps, in order to be able to spend as many as possible on booze and partying.


Tass grp.jpg

From left to right: Fennek, Glonken, Zeke (front), Bjarne, Sobel, Felida

Zeke Wolfgang

(Mathias Abrahamsson): Gun nut, gearhead and wannabe hacker. Deep down he's really just a nice guy, but the hardships of the wasteland has left it's kinks in his morality. Usually found roaming the wastelands on his bike, shooting up targets for kaps, or drinking away in the bars. Friendly and easygoing when approached, but also gullible and bad with numbers. If it sounds like a bad idea, Zeke is probably involved in some capacity.

Bjarne Torborg

(Johan Nyqvist): Bjarne is a human who has been slightly mechanically altered after an accident in his youth. Now he is on the run from the people who made his cybernetics (Oh, they are gonna get him, they yelled as such as he was running away!), and tries his best to stay anonymous while making something of a living in the wastelands. Shoots people, protects caravans or makes little refreshing tonics (They have herbs in them! Must be healthy!) for cash.

Fennek Rävsvans

(Chris Gårdenberg): The groups assassination and "other tasks" member. He was a bit awkward when it came to social arrangements and would rather stick to the background (preferably in a bush or under a tree), but has since a couple of years back started to learn how to behave like the ones he either targets or socialize with. Fennek mostly handles problem solving, assassination, extortion among other tasks. He also enjoys friendly melee battles over some drinks.

Lovis 'Glonken' Glonk

(Jenny Modée): The group's... intern? As one of those really snotty brats that really shouldn't exist anymore, Glonken fumbles around in the world while striving to get back to those lazy, comfortable days in her youth (before she was thrown out of her home and into the arms of TASS) where she didn't have to handle weapons or struggle to get food on the table. Glonken is snarky and can be obnoxious around those she knows and feels superior to but scares easily and likes to hide behind easier targets.


Dr. Martens 'Sobel'

(Niklas Hägg): The group's medic and mechanic, which he thinks are basically the same. Slightly confused tinkerer and self-proclaimed scientist. Learning by doing has led to a lot of electric shocks and selective problems with his memory. If you ask him if he's a PHD or an MD, he'll answer "Yes."

Currently operating under his Radiotjänst venture, while still utilizing TASS for groundwork.


(Lina Sundqvist): Has managed to sortof convince most of the crew she is capable of mind control. More or less acts as the de facto leader of the group since Zeke is afraid of her. Dislikes when people take advantage of naive beings (such as Fennek). Dislikes weapons, but allows them because they bring in all them sweet caps. Actually, she dislikes pretty much everything, especially that fucking circus.



When the bouncer/hacker Zeke found the half-dead cyborg Bjarne on the doorstep of the nightclub where he worked, he brought him to the only medichanic he knew - Dr Sobel. Sobel was able to restore Bjarne to semi-working condition, albeit with a few quirks. Sobel's workshop was soon after torched to the ground, and he theorises this was done by whoever wanted Bjarne dead in the first place, and thus blames Zeke for bringing him there at all.

Zeke promised Sobel a new workshop, and the three joined forces to scrap together the kaps needed to fulfil the promise. They made friends with the travelling demolition squad G&B Sprängarna, with whom they've blown up lots of stuff over the years.

In 2144, they accepted a mission to save the kidnapped farmer Glonk from the Scania Slave Traders. The mission was unfortunately a failure, due to G&B accidentally blasting a concrete wall into Glonk's face. They did however find and release two other prisoners - Fennek and Felida - who have since then become active members of the team.

As recompense for killing farmer Glonk, TASS was persuaded by his wife to taking care of their spoiled child Lovis, and teach her how the real world works. Calling herself "Glonken", she is now too a part of the team.

Operating mainly out of the nothern Stockholm wasteland, they have a base in the old strip mine in Hakunge.

After travelling to the outpost to cash in on a bounty, they have decided to stay for as long as the drugs and alcohol lasts.

Year 2146

Having caught and killed the rogue cyborg Greger, TASS decided to sell the scrapped brain implant for caps. ARS&e was in the end willing to pay up in order to keep their robotic projects going.

TASS also met up their old friends G&B Sprängarna and aided them in wrecking raids. Unfortunately, they also met old enemies in the form of Maskinhundarna, owing a large debt for robbing their fuel depot, ultimately blaming it on Sverker Larsson.

Feeling they could use a break from the usual mercing, Felida took Glonken and Bjarne to the circus. Glonken and Bjarne even got to go up on stage and perform with shaving cream! Glonken failed miserably at throwing the white suspicious looking substance at the target. But it was still fun! Poor Felida was the only one not under a drug induced euphoria, and in order to cleanse her memory of the haunting experience, she took the entire gang out on a bar round.

Glonken found her blood-painting the day after, and with some clever negotiating, she was able to trade in some kattsyler for it.

While promoting his homemade Snake Oil, Bjarne got in a fight with Kalle Kofot - the latter not appreciating the tasty taste of the tasty brew. This feud was ultimately settled in the arena, with Kalle being force fed the drink, and made to publicly acknowledge his appreciation.

Year 2147

Dr. Sobel found a new venue in selling radio equipment to the other settlers, as well as his own Skruvsup to the various bars around town. Zeke found and repaired an old moped that they used for transportation and high speed chases in the gravel.

Bjarne got his face removed by Syfilis in an arena fight in a spectacularly unfair fight involving EMP's. Syfilis later sold Bjarnes face to Kalle Kofot, causing aggrevation and retaliation from the rest of TASS. After a lot of shooting and stabbing back and forth, Pappa announced that Kalle was out of his good graces for stirring up so much trouble.

Glonken took a leisurly stroll out to the woods, but managed to get lost. Unable to guide the rest of TASS to her position, she was soon ambushed and knocked out. After coming to her senses, she found Fennek and they both joined the caravan back to the city.

TASS renewed their friendship with Sverker Larsson, after both agreeing that everything was Maskinhundarnas fault anyway. Beer and food was happily consumed in the comfort of Rökoteket.

Glonken also somehow managed to end up in the Lion Hunt of 2147, that had attacking Leo as it's primary goal, due to rumors that Leo was in fact in kahoots with the Panzerwolves. In the end, it all ended well, with a pile of dead Panzerwolves at the gates of the city.

The animosity with Maskinhundarna was kept at a steady upward slope, with taunts and, sometimes, bullets slung in either direction. In the end, TASS joined Kumlamilisen in order to make a statement and show who owns the streets.

Year 2148

Most of TASS has left Stråssa in search of a mystical artifact. Sobel stayed behind, trying to run his Radiotjänst business, while hosting Zonfararna in the container.

Year 2149

A few of the TASS members have returned from their mission and Sobel is really happy to see them.

Friends & Unfriends




  • Enjoys music, and carries with them an old transistor radio, modified to be able to play some swinging tunes.