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"The clan MacStoree vows never to bring a Portee underground as long as Clan Portee vows to never put a MacStoree in a boat!"     
"The clan MacStoree vows never to bring a Portee underground as long as Clan Portee vows to never put a MacStoree in a boat!"     
====Clan MacBrewing====
'''Clan MacBrewing:'''
Located in the old Skye isle brewery, in the ruined town of Idrigil.  
Located in the old Skye isle brewery, in the ruined town of Idrigil.  
Clan MacBrewing is a sub clan of Clan MacStoree. Out of all the clans, clan MacBrewing is the foremost providers of the above all bellowed brewage whiskey. They only consist of around twenty to forty members but pilgrims travel from all the clans and lands controlled by the clans to the old brewery to partake in the making and drinking of the amber nectar. Therefore clan MacBrewing can boast of a strength of arms that rival even the greater clans. Though for the most apart they are so intoxicated that any mustering of forces must wait at least a week or two.  
Clan MacBrewing is a sub clan of Clan MacStoree. Out of all the clans, clan MacBrewing is the foremost providers of the above all bellowed brewage whiskey. They only consist of around twenty to forty members but pilgrims travel from all the clans and lands controlled by the clans to the old brewery to partake in the making and drinking of the amber nectar. Therefore clan MacBrewing can boast of a strength of arms that rival even the greater clans. Though for the most apart they are so intoxicated that any mustering of forces must wait at least a week or two.
==Seats of power==  
==Seats of power==  

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The Great Clan
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Previously known as Clan MacDonald
Clans 8, give or take
People Lots
Enemies Plenty
Ethics Family first!
Out of Game
IRL Counterpart Much of Scotland
Contact jonas4224@hotmail.se

The Great Clan (originally Clan MacDoland) is an organisation situated in, on and around what was once Scotland and the Scottish Isles.

This page is under costruction by ME the author of The Great Clan! The story of The Great Clan is not done (we are still dreaming stuff up) and this page will get additions, changes and correction of spelling errors. As of now The Great clan will not accept any more members, however if you wish to be our friend and/or enemy (or just someone we know) email jonas4224@hotmail.se Yes there is ALOT of text BUT as times goes by I promise to add pictures and spacing to distract you from the evil writhings


From the ashes of the apocalypse a new power have emerged! A power that wears kilt, plays bagpipe and eats haggis! What kind of mutant abominations could endure such a living? Only the men and women of the eight clans that make up the society known as The Great Clan. For a proper understanding of the members of The Great clan, feel free to watch these inspirational movies and clips.


Movies and tv shows

  • Brave (Pixar 2012. Braveheart (1995).
  • The Secret of Kells (2009).
  • Rob Roy (1995). Robin Hood (Disney 1973)
  • Samurai jack (tv show, watch episode Jack and the Scotsman: Part 1-2 and Scotsman saves Jack 1-2)

Books and comics

  • Donald Duck
  • Carpe Jugulum (Terry Pratchett).
  • The Wee Free Men (Terry Pratchett).
  • A Hat Full of Sky (Terry Pratchett).
  • Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett)
  • I Shall Wear Midnight (Terry Pratchett)

Instead of reading all the wonderful Pratchett books you might want to have a look here Nac Mac Feegle.

After watching one or all of these works of art, imagine the main characters of the stories is now put in the world of Mad Max. So a kilt wearing, haggis eating, bagpipe blowing Scotsman with a machinegun and car tires strapped to his body like armour.


The history of The Great Clan begins in the early days of unrest before the great apocalypse.

2032: The great comet Kali passes the earth for the second time. Great unrests comes to the British isles and doomsday Sayers can be found in every corner the land and even in most families. With fear at an all time high a few close friends of a medieval re-enactment group based in central Scotland begin to the planning for a new life and a new hope. The following years these eighteen friends pool their efforts and assets to purchase one of the many castles located in the Scottish highlands. The plan is that with the castle as base of operations they will create a town model after old Scottish traditions and values. During these years the crafty friends have gathered a vast hoard of documents, containing everything from sword fighting and haggis recipes to gun repair and ancient roman histories.

2035: The world enters and economic depression, the NSM organisation gains more and more followers and fear and panic are almost tangible in the air. The eighteen friends have now gained a lot of followers and crowd funders so thanks to the economic meltdown they are able to purchase a castle for a laughably small sum of money. The castle's name is Eilean Donan. The group now name themselves Clan MacDonar and move all their friends and assets to said castle. The founding of the new town is begun immediately and it is named Donalds town (since most of the members of the group were huge fans of Donald Duck and the name Eilean Donan is close Donald).

2044: The comet Kali once again passes earth but thanks to the IODS space cannon it barely misses. Unfortunately the earth is still hit by enormous burning rocks. Millions die. The British isles are hit quite badly but the majority of the damage is done to USA and Russia.

Between 2035 and 2044 Clan MacDonar is making strikingly good progress in building and populating their new town. Many refugees flee from the economic crisis to Town Donald to take part in the new sheep based economy. Out of the original group a town mayor is elected and under his leadership Clan MacDonald's efforts to return to a simpler and more medieval like living are greatly rewarded with much happiness and newfound hope for its members. Clan MacDonald grows steadily and the are ever increasing their farmlands and sheep pastures to accommodate their need for food. The British government have all but collapsed an can not do anything about the clans expansion. The clan soon finds a new living place in the now abandoned Castle Craig and many move there to build the foundations of a new sister town to Town Donald.

December 2044-January 2045: USA drops nukes on a large number of the surviving civilisations, France and China return fire. Russia begins a ground offence against what is left of Europe.

Mars 2045: There is only war... and agriculture, piracy, and rusting engines.

2045: Clan MacDonan is hit hard by the meteor showers, people die to fire and ruin, sheep are lost and farmland is burnt and destroyed. Half the members of the clan die within the following years. However the clan can still boast with over 3000 members.

2051: A strange sickness strikes the people of Clan MacDonan, it begins as a headache but soon develops into hallucinations and madness which finally leads to the infected to succumb to violent epileptic attacks resulting in death. Most of the children under the age of ten are unaffected but the majority of adults die of within two weeks. Those who survive never reached the epileptic stage but after recovery they still have a hard time telling the difference between reality and fiction. Some survive but remain crazy beyond recovery. Around seven hundred members survive of which around five hundred are children between five and thirteen, they seem almost completely unaffected by the sickness. The major of Town Donald survives but is heavily affected by the sickness. She names herself The Great Shaman and proclaims herself to be the leader of Clan MacDonald (she can not tell the difference between the name Donan and Donald). She proclaims that the clan shall continue the work that those who die started. The work to rebuild all that was lost is begun but with the majority of the clan dead and the majority of the living being children the work is very slow and tedious.

2055: The clan regularly host a show of videos and clips in the rebuilt town square using an old monitor according to a tradition that began around 2040. They get their power from solar panels, diesel engines and batteries. Although the clan is all about medieval living they decided in the founding days that the great works of history and fiction were to valuable to waste. Therefore it was decided that the technology needed to show these works should be kept and maintain so that education and enjoyment could flourish. The lasting effects of the sickness begin to show when the surviving adults watch the stored movies, listen to the horded music and read the was library of books. They can not tell which stories and characters are fictional and which are real. And begin to change the customs and culture of the clan to appear more like the culture in the movies Brave, Braveheart and The Secret of Kells. The books Robin Hood, Ivanhoe and The Three musketeers are used as material to write down the new codes of honour and valour. Four surviving episodes of Samurai Jack are also used as examples when describing "how a member of Clan MacDonan should live and behave". The surviving comic books of Donald Duck are used as well, however almost all surviving clan members can tell that they are entirely works of fiction (although some are convinced that there was once a town of talking mutant ducks that worshiped gold).

2070: The work to restore and expand the clan did slowly but surely pick up the pace. 15 years ago (when most of the clan members that were between 5-13 had become adults) the clan lived and functioned very much like it used to in its founding days. The land around Castle Eilean Donan and Castle Craig were restored to habitability and clan members could once again begin to populate the Highlands. The plans to move the clan further inland was however found to be most difficult since several packs of wolves had escaped from different zoo's during the apocalypse and had move to the Highlands where they breed and mutated to rabid monsters. The clan fights these beasts on a regular basis. So the gaze of the clan was turned from the inland to Isle Skye, the island that lies just off the shore of Castle Eilean Donan.

2100: Most of the original members that were adult when the sickness befell the clan are now dead. The Great Shaman lies on death's door and is Quote- "As unhinged as a rusty door in a crowbar factory". The new generation come together to form a new social structure for the clan. Isle Skye is now fully colonised with two new established strongholds. Castle DunVegan and Castle Armadale.

2112: The new social structure is finalised and it is decided that every stronghold should be colonised by its own clan, all clans should however remain within the rule of that which is called Great Clan and thus under the rule of The Great Shaman (they liked the title so they kept it). A new Great Druid is elected, Clan MacVegan and Clan MacArmadale are officially founded.

2119: Storre Bunker is found and opened. IRA weapons and resources are found among starved IRA corpses. The clans military might is tippled.

2126: Clan MacStorre is funded and a small troop of men, women and children move to colonise what is left of Portee harbor.

2128: Clan Portee is founded.

2129: Isle Skye Brewhouse is found.

2132: Clan MacBrewing is founded.

The Great Clan today

The Great Clan consists of eight branching clans who obey the law of The Great Shaman. They all consist of Scottish men and women. Mutants are common but they largely consist of hominoids men/women who are larger/stronger/faster then normal, physical mutations are rare. Cyborgs are very rare but respected and sometimes envied.

The work to restore, preserve and learn from old tv's, dvd's, games and books is ever ongoing and praised above all in most clans. The members of the clan practise a pseudo religion based around a treasure of artefacts consisting of books, movies and music depicting life in Scotland during medieval times. The three movies Brave, Braveheart and The Secret of Kells are praised beyond anything and all clan members try to live like the heroes depicted in those sagas. Four episodes of the tv show Samurai Jack are also extremely treasured for they depict the fictional character The Scotsman in all his glory. There are few greater compliments then "you'r a true Scotsman" or "William would be proud oh' ya". It should be noted that while haggis is considered the foremost culinary dish and the "national meal" of The Great Clan, there are few worse insults than "You smell like a fresh haggis", "I'll stuff a haggis down yer' throat" the insult that almost made clan MacArmsDealer wipe out clan MacDolnald-Skye "Your mum looks like a haggis". Haggis is also considered to be one of the greatest combat weapons ever created.

The clan's are self governed, they have a democratic rule consisting of a council but if/when the council fails the have a clan head who's word is law (provided that he says what the people in the clan wants). Ultimately they obey the word and laws of The Great Shaman. When it comes to food and water they are self-sufficient.

They scavenge technology and artefact regularly by going on smaller or larger raids on the mainland of the British isles. Travel is heavily encouraged by the current Great Shaman and many clan members set out in groups of two-twenty and travel around the British isles. Travels to the mainland of Europe are rare but when they occur they are often long and can take several years if not decades. All technology and artefacts that can be carried are brought back to The Great Clan and that which can not be carried are often drawn and/or written of in great detail. The Great Clan is surprisingly knowledgeable in history of all sorts and make a great effort to rediscover as much lost knowledge as possible. However the vast knowledge of the clan is mainly focused in two of the clans (Clan MacDonald and MacCraig) and even in those the general knowledge is barely above the post apocalyptic norm.


The social structure of the Great Clan is a form of semi democratic caste society with dictators knows as Clan Heads and a ruling dictator called The Great Shaman... There are also some form of democratic councils thrown into the mix... Sounds strange? It is.

The Clanless

The lowest class of clan members are referred to as the clanless, they are individuals that for some reason have been expelled from their clan but are still permitted to stay on the clan grounds. Such acts include but are not excluded to; stealing, raping, murdering, destruction of property and other similar misbehaviours. However these crimes are committed almost daily in every corner of the Great Clan's realm but hardly anyone is ever punished more severely than with a couple of punches to the face. This is because all the clan members are usually so drunk, rowdy, easily offended and down right crazy that enforcing proper punishment would soon lead to the extinction of the entire clan.

The Farmers, Fishers, Traders, Craftsmen and Engineers

Or simply "The Clansmen"

The most common class of clan members are made up of Farmers, Fishers, Traders and Craftsmen, they are generally referred to simply as Clansmen. They supply the clan with all the food, clothes, weapons and equipment that it needs to function. The hold steady positions within the clan, the are protected during war and respected during peace. Every member of a The Great Clan is referred to as a clansman (or child, lad, lass, boy, girl, young one etc) until they become fourteen and pass the test of maturity. A young Clansman is free to do whatever he/she wishes as long as they obey their father, mother, clan council, clan head and The Great Shaman. In matters of raising a child it is however always the family that is held responsible but the entire clan is expected to take part in the raising and caring for its children. Upon reaching the age of fourteen a Clansman is required to perform a maturity test. Every year at summertime a great feast is held by all the clans and all Clansmen who turn fourteen that ear participate in The Maturity Rite. This includes games and test of all manners that the clan can come up with. If a clansman passes the Maturity Rite he/she is free to choose what he/she wants to be and which cast to belong to. The decision is not required to be made then and there, you simply remain in the cast you were born in until you make a decision and start educating yourself to be taken up in a new cast.

Warriors, Shamans and Druids

The members of this cast is treated with high honour and respect. It takes great effort, training and skill to be accepted into one of these casts.


The strongest, bravest, fiercest and greatest fighters are included in this category. The life of a warrior consists of weapons training, defence of the clan borders and regular "police work". It is the warriors that step in when a bar fight go too far... At least it would be but more often than not they are actually the cause of the fights. The men and women who dedicate their lives to fighting all the enemies of the Great Clan and teaching new generations how to do the same. They are counted as part of this cast. Almost every clan member would be called a strong warrior by normal standards but within The Great Clan it takes well above average skill and dedication to be worthy of the name.


The most intelligent, wise and patient people in all of The Great Clan. The life of a shaman consists of restoring and reading all the old books, files and movies The Great Clan gets its hands on. When that is done they record, copy and discuss all that they have learned. The also keep records of all things and persons within The Great Clan that are important enough to write down. This all ends up in The Book of The Clan. The job of the shamans is to know everything about the past, present and to some degree the future. They are the wise men and women of The Great Clan and spend their live in study of history, art and philosophy. It is only a noble few in the clan that chooses to take up the mantel of shaman.


The kindest, most caring and helpful people in all The Great Clan. The life of the men and women that become druids is devoted to the preservation, restoration and understanding of humans, beasts and nature. They are healers and medics, botanists and biologists, beast masters and potion makers. The job of a druid is to learn, practice and develop they way to heal and restore the bodies of all living things.

Council Members

The council members are as the name implies members of The Council. All clans have their own council with its own individual members. These members consists of people from all the different casts and professions that are a part of each clan. All castes except the clanless are represented and voiced within the council and its members are given a certain respect and authority. The job of the Council Members is to find out and deal with all the small problems within the clan. The framers report that the sheep are sick and seek help from the druids. The report that a merchants have stolen from them and asks the warriors for help The shamans report that a Clanless have hade a child and asks for it to be accepted in the clan and asks the whole council if they will allow this. These are some of the matters that the council deal with on a regular basis. They are there to enforce the laws of The Great Clan and make sure that all within the clan are safe and sound.

Clan Head

The clan head is the biggest, baddest, smartest and most noble member of the entire clan that he represents. Each of the clans within The Great Clan have a clan head. His/her job is to govern and represent his/her clan in great and important matters. Such as war, famine or strife and to represent the word of The Great Shaman within his/her clan. Since the Clan Head can not be everywhere at once the clan Council exists to do his/her bidding. The Clan Head is greatly respected, honoured and revered. Whenever the Clan Head says something it is regarded as the word of The Great Shaman himself and follow to the letter!

  • Rule #1 The Clan Head is always right!
  • Rule #2 If ya' bothered to read this far the Clan head have already bashed yer head in for incompetence!
  • Rule #3 Ye really are stupid aren't ya!

The Great Shaman



(quote from the days of the great sickness. When the minds of all the elders were turned to soup)

The Great Shaman is the leader, monarch, dictator, father, mother and brother of all members of The Great Clan. His or her word is law and must be obeyed at all costs. Or that is the idea at least. No other entity, be it the a president, god or even Satan himself is so feared and respected by the clan members as The Great Shaman. No other clan member is as learned in everything from history and poetry to combat and military tactics. The Great shaman begins his life as a member of 20-30 young children who are trained their whole life to take up the mantel of The Great Shaman. When the previous Great Shaman the kids partake in a challenge of epic proportions. The challenge tests the strengths, intelligence, wisdom, willpower and endurance of them all to determine who is the most worthy of becoming the next Great Shaman. The Great Shaman live is Castle Eilean Donan and for there he/she deal with all the really major issues within The Great Clan. The Great Shaman have the first and last say in EVERYTHING within the clan and do dispute him/her is something only a Clan Head can do without running the risk of becoming a Clanless.

Clan Structure

The Great Clan consists of five major and three minor clans who unite under the rule of The Great Shaman. The clans all have their own clan head and their own clan council. The clan council dictates the laws and deal with all the major events and disagreements within their respective clan. They are elected by the people in the clan and sit in office for as long as they have the clans blessings. Their primary function is to decide in matters that concern a large part but not all of the clan (if a matter concerns the whole clan then the whole clan is notified and asked to vote or decide until the matter is resolved). The Clan head oversees all the major matters that are too large for the clan council to handle, he is the spokesman of the clan he's got the last say in all the matters unless the whole clan votes against him (this happens very rarely). The clan Head is elected by a contest in which champions of the clan take part in games and trials to prove their worth. He then remains in his office until he dies, chooses to retire or is voted out by the clan (this is usually preceded or followed by his death at the hands of a lynch mob). The Great Shaman is the clan head of the clan heads. All clans, clan councils and clan heads must listen to his decrees and follow his orders unless they are prepared to face the wrath of the other members of the Great Clan. The Great Shaman is elected from a group of men and women who have been trained from birth to take up the role as supreme leader of the clan.

Clan branches

Clan MacDonald

The original clan. Located in and around Castle Eilean Donan The second largest clan but the most influential. All great matters of politics, finance, law and order is know by and discussed at Castle Donald by the elders of Clan MacDonald. Out of all the clans they posses the largest library and reliquary storage by far, all books, cd's, dvd's, whs's, usb's, computers and flash drives that are resorted by Clan MacArmsdeal is brought to, analysed and stored by Clan MacDonald.

Clan MacVegan

The largest clan and owners of the largest Castle. Located in and around Castle DunVegan. Whenever there is need for a lot of strong men and women to come to the aid of the clan, Clan MacVegan can boast with almost twice the number of arms as the other two clans combined. Clan MacVegan is also responsible for maintaining the largest and lushest farmlands and cattle herds. They provide more than half of all the food consumed by The Great Clan, they also produce the largest quantity of beer by far (though even they grudgingly agree that Clan MacBrewing's beer taste better).

Clan MacArmsdeal

Located in and around Castle Armadale. There are no better smiths and engineers in all of the great clan then in Clan MacArmsdeal. All manner of weapons and technology is produced by this clan and every time a member of the great clan brings back a new piece of technology it is brought to Castle Armadale for analysis, evaluation and replication.

Clan MacStoree

The smallest of the greater clans, Located in a bunker in the former Storee National Park close to the rock formations known as Old Man Storee. Clan MacStorre may be small compared to the other greater clans since they rarely have more than five hundred members. However they are in charge of one of the most important tasks of all the clans. They are tasked with keeping and maintaining the Storee Bunker. The last refuge and shelter for The Great Clan if a second apocalypse were to happen. They are stout and steadfast, toiling endlessly to make the bunker bigger, stronger and better suited for living in if the need should arise. The also keep many of The Great Clans highest valued treasure and artefacts and they have the largest armoury except for Clan MacArmsdeal.

Clan MacCraig

Located in Castle DunCraig. The difference between Clan MacCraig and Clan MacDonald is almost purely geographical. Only a dozen kilometres separates the two castles and the two clan heads. The clans are also very similar in what they do and provide for the Great Clan, just like Clan MacDonald, Clan MacCraig deals mostly in knowledge and history. However while clan MacDonald is considered the ruling clan and the foremost authorities when it comes to politics and finances, Clan MacCraig deals with nature, medicine, healing and poisons. Extract from the book of clans regarding the difference between clan MacCraig and Clan MacDonald: "Ay clan MacDonald they produce some of the best scribes and shamans but there is no beating clan MacCraig when it comes to producing medics and druids" More about shamans and druids later.

Minor Clan branches

Clan Portee

Located in the ruins of the harbour town Portee. Clan Portee is a fishing and mariner clan that is technically under the rule of Clan MacStoree however the agreement between the clan have been summed up by Clan MacStorees second clan head Grimgullyn MacStoree "The clan MacStoree vows never to bring a Portee underground as long as Clan Portee vows to never put a MacStoree in a boat!"

Clan MacBrewing

Located in the old Skye isle brewery, in the ruined town of Idrigil. Clan MacBrewing is a sub clan of Clan MacStoree. Out of all the clans, clan MacBrewing is the foremost providers of the above all bellowed brewage whiskey. They only consist of around twenty to forty members but pilgrims travel from all the clans and lands controlled by the clans to the old brewery to partake in the making and drinking of the amber nectar. Therefore clan MacBrewing can boast of a strength of arms that rival even the greater clans. Though for the most apart they are so intoxicated that any mustering of forces must wait at least a week or two.

Seats of power

The island Skye of the coast of Scotland and a small part of the Scottish mainland.

Castle Eilean Donan

Main Castle and high seat of The Great Shaman. Home to clan MacDonald. Castle Eilean Donan lies well protected on an island of the shore where three lochs (lakes/sea inlets) meet, Loch Duich, Loch long and Loch Alsh. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge built on an ancient and crumbled rock fundament and protected by an ever expanded and improved fortress. The new fortress is so built by rock and scavenge material and serves as Capital city for The Great Clan and Clan MacDonald, a protective barrier for the old caste and a statement to The Great Clans power and might. The land around it is full of large rolling hills which lies mostly desolate and barren. Thanks to the continuous effort of clan MacCraig the land is slowly getting healed and the green grass and tall pines are slowly returning. Outside of the walls of the new castle there are some small fields for crop growing but they do not supply more than morsels to be used as extra spice in the town's regular meals. Castle Eilean Donan's and Clan MacDonald's real food supply comes from the other clans, mainly from Clan MacVegan and Clan MacCraig, they also get a large supply of seafood and fish from the lochs that surround it. Before the apocalypse the castle was owned by Clan Mackenzie and their allies Clan Macrae. It was destroyed by the British government since the Clans had joined Jacobite rebels but was rebuilt by Lieutenant-Colonel John Macrae-Gilstra.

Castle DunVegan

(95 km from Eilean )

Largest castle and home to clan MacVegan. Castle DunVegan is the largest castle owned by The Great Clan and home to Clan MacVegan. The castle and the new founded town that surrounds it on all sides but the seaside, hosts the largest number of clan members in any part of The Great Clans territory. It is surrounded by grass covered hills on all sides except the east side which faces the sea. Thanks to these hills Clan MacVegan breeds the largest herds of mutant sheep in all of scotland. They also grow enough crops and catch enough fish to feed not only themselves but they help to feed all the other clans as well. The supply lines to the Castles run full every day with goods from the other clans to trade for food and from the castle with food to nourish said clans. If the need should arise Clan MacVegan will of course supply the food for free, the trading is more of a way for the other clans to show respect and help increase the food production. The constant herding and wrangling of mutant sheep keeps the clan's members in abnormally good condition. Since mutant sheep are the size of a "normal" large bull, packed with hard muscles and they often got a temper to match the four to twelve horns that grow in varying angles from everywhere on their skull and spine. The crop growing is not an easy task either, since the fields must be continually fertilized by the meal of the ground up sheep bones. Without this all important aid the crops would hardly find any nourishment and would soon die out and disappear. Sacks of twenty to thirty kilos are wagoned up the highland by the dozen every day, carried from the wagons to the field and strewn by hand over the crops and farmland. The clan does not fish as much as they would like since the sea around the castle is filled with enormous man eating seals. The seals have been known to weigh up to ten tons and swim with the speed and grace of killer whales. The difference between the seals and the whales (except that the seals are about twice as big and three times as smart) is that the seals can actually come ashore and hunt. Many a MacVegan lad and lass have forsaken their lives to the belly of a rampaging seal. The clan deals with the problem as most members of The Great Clan would, the hunt the bustards with tooth and nail as soon as they see one come ashore but leave them be as long as the stay in the sea. The castle was previously owned by Clan MacLeod and was the largest and longest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland

Castle Armadale

(50 km from Eliean) Home to Clan MacArmsDeal. When the castle was first discovered it was so rundown that only the walls were left standing. This was however a much better state than most other castles that could be found in the region so the restoration work was soon started and today Castle Armadale in one of the best fortified stronghold of all in The Great Clan's possession. The castle is located on the coast facing the mainland and except for Castle DunCraig it is the closest one to the Capital Castle Eliean Donan. The castle itself is restored and improved with standard Clan measurements (pile up stone and bolt metal to it until no one can get through). However the real beauty and grace of the castle lies in the ever expanding garages, shooting ranges, machine halls and cellars that have been carved out and build under the castle. Clan MacArmsdeal was originally named Clan MacArmadale but since they were tasked to restore, improve and create all the great machined of combat and war by The Great Druid they got the nickname that is now their pride and joy. If you see a member of The Great Clan carrying any weapon that is larger that a machete (or pocketknife as they would call it) you can be shore that is was either created or inspected by a member of Clan MacArmsdeal.

Castle DunCraig

(10 km from Eilean) Home to clan MacCraig. A rather modern castle that lies only a stone's throw from the Capital Castle Eilean Donan. It is the home of the druids and healers of Clan MacCraig (or as some would call them, the healers and poison blenders). A lot of strange things is said about Castle DunCraig and its clan. For on they are generally the most gentle and kind hearted people The Great Clan have to offer but they are also the most eccentric and borderline mental. It is not unusual to see great clouds of strange collard smoke rise from the back of the castle or somewhere from the land around it. Sometimes it even comes up in great streaming baubles from the sea inlet that lies just north of the castle. The castle and its inhabitants can also boast about the exceedingly lush and plentiful plant growth that surrounds the castle on all sides. Even the sea inlet is covered with a thick mat of algae in all the colours of green imaginable (and a couple more). Still all the other clans agree that if you need a body part healed or a sickness cured there is no better place in all of Scotland (maybe in all the world) to get it fixed. Castle DunCraig provides its fellow clans with all the potions and elixirs they might need to cure the day to day ailments that might affect a post apocalyptic Scotsman, they also provide the only fruit in the whole Great Clan and are therefore much loved and honoured (that might be why the other clans put up with all the strange and weird).

Storee Bunker

(80 km from Eilean)

Home to Clan MacStoree and last refuge of The Great Clan. The Storee Bunker is located in the old Storee National Park. The bunker was constructed by the British government before the apocalypse but unknown to them it was secretly used by the IRA to store weapons and supplies for the Irish rebels. It was found by accident when a member of Clan MacVegan was out hunting a prized mutant sheep that had escaped his "tender" care. And while he was admiring the landscape he came upon a great iron door in the cliff. So the lad ran back to his clan head and soon the entire clan was marching to see what all the fuss was about (this was of course after the lad had been publicly punished for leaving the sheep out in the wild again). After the bunker was opened they found that all the IRA members had been locked in and starved to death. This was however soon forgotten when all the guns, ammunition and heavy weapons were found. And so Clan MacArmsdeal was called in and even The Great Shaman himself came to have a look. All weapons were handed out equally amongst the clans, Clan MacVegan got a little more than the others for finding the bunker and the lad was greatly rewarded and later became head of clan MacVegan. The Great Shaman realise what a great opportunity this was and so ordered that the bunker should first be cleared out, cleaned and afterward turned into a last defence should the apocalypse come again. Soon builders, engineers and scribes from all the clans started to pour in and work on the great task of preparing the bunker for the worst. Thus Clan MacStoree was born. The bunker is now self sufficient with underground gardens, farms and cattle pens (a cinder form of mutant sheep is being breed as we speak, it might even look like the pre-apocalypse ones). The bunker is however no where near big enough to house all of the ever growing Great Clan. That will however hardly be a problem since at least three fourths of The Great Clan will die out in the event of an apocalypse (stubbornly making epic last stands and head butting nukes before they hit the ground).

Isle of Skye Brewing House

(100 km from Eilean, 20 km from Storee)

The home of clan Macbrewing. Clan MacBrewing resides in and around an old brewery on the north-east coast of Isle Skye. It began as a small but surprisingly well preserved brewery that was found by a some members of Clan MacArmaDeal when they were traveling up along the coast to Clan MacVegan to trade weapons for food supplies. It is considered one of the greatest finds in the history of The Great Clan because with it they found they means, recourses and above all the ancient knowledge of how to brew the divine amber liquid called whiskey. Since then the Brewhouse have become one of most visited places out of all the Great Clans residencies second only to the Capital Castle Eilean Donen it's become a custom to at least once in your life you should make the pilgrimage to The Brewhouse. The brewery lies close to the shore and is surrounded by a rebuild town that's sprouted from the old desolated village. Outside the village there are a number of large greenhouses and barns for growing and storing malt and hops for beer and four large cornfields that are tended constantly and provided with the finest bone meal from Clan MacVegan.

Portee Harbor

(65 km from Eilean, 12 km from Storee) (Portee port)

Home of clan Portee. The foremost fishing and shipping village of the Great Clan. Shipping and marine life is rare within the Great Clan except maybe for small boat and barges which are used to traverse the lochs and waterways between the mainland and Isle Skye. Clan Portee of Portee Harbour however are exceedingly fond of the ocean and use all their time to craft boats and ships out of old scrap and junk. The use these boats to fish the ocean between the Scottish Isles and they even venture out on open sea from time to time. The fish and sea animals that they catch are for the most part poisonous, venomous or most often both but the residents of Portee Harbour knows well all there is to know about what to bring to shore, what to toss back and when to just cut the line before the monster reaches the surface. Not even the engineers of Clan MacArmsDeal can rival the boatbuilding skills of Clan Portee's ship wraiths. The pride and joy of the clan is an old Scottish coast guard ship that they have managed to restore and even improve. The named it The Shamans Selkie (the shamans mermaid) and it is the fastest and most heavily armed ship that any member of the Great Clan know of.

Enemies of The Great Clan

The Neo-Catholic church of Scotland

The Neo-Catholics are a bunch of fanatic god worshipers that combine a totalitarian society with a self sacrificing and fanatic religion. One of their primary goals is to wipe out all the members of the Great Clan and install themselves as the rulers of Scotland. The Great Clan sees them mostly as a nuisance and/or target practice while at other times they are simply viewed as weak minded sociopaths. Though they are weaker in both body and military might then The Great Clan they make up for it by having almost five times the manpower. They are also fanatic enough to male even a MacDonald shake his head in wonder. If you want a better understanding of how the battle between The Great Clan and the Neo-Catholics work. Read Asterix & Obelix and imagine that the Gauls represent The Great Clan and the roman represent the Neo-Catholics.

The sheep (mutated sheep)

The sheep are bigger than bulls, as grumpy and vicious as Tasmanian devils and above all strong and durable like rhinos. The Great Clan use them for food, cloths, manure and as beasts of burden. It takes a clan of crazy scots that are as indomitable and unstoppable as a tsunami to domesticate these beast and even then they can hardly be called tame. Their flesh and guts are used for food. Their bones and manure are used for fertilizer. Their wool and hide are used for clothes. Above all their stomachs and organs are used to make the feared clan specialty "haggis".

The killer Selkies (mutated seals)

The selkies are a race of huge man eating seals that live of the coast of Scotland and Isle Skye. They are twice the size of killer whales and just as intelligent and bloodthirsty. The worst part about them is that they are not limited to roam the sea but can also move at great speed on land. They never venture far from the shore but they are well known to swim up sea inlets and canals in search of prey. An old clan saying goes "if you have to choose between a selkie and a shark you should go with the shark since then you at least have a chance of survival".

The wolver (mutated wolves)

The wolver are the descendants of wolves that escaped from zoos during the apocalypse. These wolves moved to the Scottish Highlands where they quickly multiplied and mutated. A fully grown wolver is large, strong and fierce enough to take down a sheep single handedly. The are strong, fast and agile however they lack the intelligence of their wolf ancestors. They usually travel in pack and are easy to spot during the day since they have a charcoal black hide. During the night they are very hard to see but their howls carry for miles over the Highland. Fortunately they are easily brought down by pitfalls and other traps since they never learn how to avoid them.

Mor'du (also called Mor'doom)

When one hears the story of Mor'du it is easy to imagine that he is the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In the animated movie Brave the main heroines greatest foe is a demon bear named Mor'du. The movie takes place in ancient Scotland and Mor'du is the bane of all the Scottish clans. The father of the main heroin have even lost a leg to the beast and vowed to kill it for revenge. The story of our Mor'du begins with a bear that escaped from zoo during the apocalypse. It was captured by Clan MacCraig when it migrated to the Highlands. Since this was just after the apocalypse, Clan MacCraig still had a lot of high end technology that they had hid away from Clan MacDonald. How and why they started to experiment on the poor bear is unclear. It is however clear that what they created was an neigh unkillable monster of enormous power and ferocity. Standing twice as tall as a normal brown bear Mar'du is stronger, faster and more vicious than any of the ursine family. Some say that he is after The Great Clan because somewhere in his mind he knows what Clan MacCraig did to him, some say he is just evil incarnated. His claws can rend through the armour of a tank, his jaws crushes rocks and bones like glass. When is comes to strength he have no equal. The worst part of the story of the demon bear is that he has been alive since the year 2049 when he was first spotted and captured and is still alive to this day. Many times the bear have taken mortal wounds and lost one or more limbs in his relentless attacks upon the clan. At first this lead to him being declared dead about five or six times. When this happened Mor'du used to disappear for half a year and be presumed dead only to reappear and wreak havoc and ruined upon an unsuspected part of the clan.He is now estimated to be at least one hundred years old if not more and still as murders and dangerous as ever.

The deam'han clan of Isle Harris and Lewis

The deam'han or demons of Isle Harris and Lewis are terrible to behold. They have the body of a human but the are never shorter than 250 cm. The appear to have no skin, instead their muscles and sinews are exposed to the elements. The live on the Island Harris and Lewis outside the coast of Isle Skye. This does however not prevent them from swimming over to Isle Skye and even to the Scottish mainland. How they manage this swim and why they are not devoured by the sea monsters can easily be explained. At all times the exhume a green slime that appears to be their way of sweating. This slime reeks like a rotten haggis, is extremely poisonous and slightly acidic. When exposed to water it smokes and steams for a second before settling like a gasoline film upon the surface. The are strong, agile, fast and semi intelligent. It usually requires the effort of at least two or three clan warriors to take on down. Fortunately they never travel in groups. Even seeing them in pairs in extremely rare. The usually raid Clan MacVegan in search of food but have been known to carry away swords and other close combat weapons. A deam'han with a sword or an axe is a terrible foe and even the greatest warriors in all The Great Clan think twice or even thrice before going up against such an opponent. Fortunately they never use guns or cannon, they don't seem intelligent enough to understand how to operate them.