The Locomotive Force

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Section of the Artery, the fortified drain pump system between subterranean Rälsa-Krylbo and the ruins of Avesta, which turned the latter into a hallucinogenic swamp. Built with faith and steel.
Symbol of Tåget.

Religion of Tåget in Rälsa-Krylbo, instituted by the prophetic unitor and founder figure known only as the Great Engine Driver. The ruling Locomotive Engineer Tribe acts as the priestly class of this insular and mysterious faith, which binds together the three tribes of Tåget like strong glue.

Members of Tåget are extremely secretive about their beliefs, and will rarely display religious practices or utter words of their religion when outsiders are present (unless those be slaves). It is believed that much of their faith revolves around death and trains.

The pious self-sacrifice, cohesion and unity of vision and purpose afforded by the Cult of The Locomotive Force was a crucial element in Tåget's successful construction of the Artery; the success of which has thrust these railway-obsessed cultists into a great labour of bonkners proportions known as the Thundering Grand Train.