The Sinterplant

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Seven floors of family fun!
The Sinterplant (sinterverket, kulsinterverket) is a massive building towering above all the rest. It was once (like, 200 years ago) a functional industrial sinter plant servicing the local mining industry. It is now a decrepit refuge, servicing the local skrotjägar industry.

In Game

After its service to the mining industry came to an end, the sinterplant and surrounding area was re-purposed as a research station by the Swedish branch of IODS. Then the world ended and the place fell into disuse. It has since been ransacked, raided, scavenged and generally stripped of all things valuable leaving the beautiful concrete husk we see today.

It has seen many custodians and masters in the past 100 or so years following the apocalypse, the latest being a group with strong Water Federation ties. They run the place with an extreme laissez faire approach, famously focusing first second and third on economic prosperity.

The sinterplant is host to a bar, a gladiatorial arena and a vacillating number of squatter and renters.

Out of Game

The sinterplant is owned and maintained by Batalj. It is for realsies an old sinter production plant. Learn some local history!