The land of a thousand acid lakes

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A flooding acid lake

There was once a country, squeezed in between Russia and Sweden. That country was told to be a small paradise. High education and free health care. However that country never stood a change in flame, nor left a remarkable points in history. That place was known as Finland, but who ever remembers any of those names anymore? Or those who remember, do they really care?

Mighty great parts of the north are now a cold, radioactive and hostile wasteland. Small isolated villages live here and there, protecting their safety jealousy. It is no wonder that some northern nomads have travelled far, and found the place known as Valkyria Outpost / Stråssa.

Some of those who hail from northern heritage, miss their country. However they have already forgotten the old language and their images about homeland are painted with gold in memories. Some northern travellers say that only what they saw was endless grey waste, with glow of a poison lakes and stench of decay.

Brief History

The meteor strike in 2044 struck Finland in a hard way. A lot of meteors struck the northern area causing massive devastation. Two meteors landed near the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant causing a major meltdown of both reactors.

When the Russian offensive started in 2045, Russia immediately occupied the formerly demilitarised Ahvenanmaa (Åland) as a strategic location. This provoked tactical nuclear strikes from Germany and France, effectively decimating the island and irradiating the Finnish archipelago. Turku (Åbo) was completely evacuated into fallout shelters.

The US nuclear missiles only hit northern Finland in an attempt to stop Russians from invading Norway, but the NATO tank divisions used southern Finland as a detour to reach St. Petersburg due to heavy fighting in the Baltic countries. The resulting ground combat reduced most of southern Finland into rubble and burning cities.

The Silent Forest

The Silent Forest
Possible entrance to Vault Outokumpu? Who knows? Those who have tried to find Vault OK, have never returned. Photo by Malak Shaloon
Svarta Svärden in Karjala. Open source

The Finnish military tried to protect the major population centers and the capital region. This became impossible and mostly all resistance forces and civilians had to go underground and disperse into the great forest. Tactical nukes used by artillery caused a local, but intense fallout which covered the eastern and southern Finland including Helsinki (Helsingfors) and the capital region.

Radiation killed all animal life including bacteria and fungus, thus effectively preserving all plants and creating the Silent Forest. Under this silent forest the remaining population and resistance has delved until very recently.

After decades of isolation, some of these shelters opened their blast doors and started exploring the remains of local civilisation. They wiped out local mutant infestation and formed a paramilitary organisation that became known as the Silent Jaegers. For several years the Jaegers held control of the southern coast. They even encountered some of the clones from Outokumpu (Ok) and captured them.

Things were relatively stable, until the Jaegers looted the remains of Espoo (Esbo) Technical University in the hope of finding lost technology. The technical university had advanced research facilities in several fields and also a 6,4km deep hole for geothermic research. Damage to biochemical, biotechnological and leaks from the local test reactor had created a massive entity living in the geothermic well. This giant mutant beast with psychic powers was unleashed upon the Jaegar force and decimated them. Further expeditions to the site were cancelled. The only survivors from the encounter were mentally unstable and were mostly lost into the forests.

When the Red Peoples Army marched west, they steered clear of these these shelters and the oppressive psychic influence of the Helsinki region. However they were silently watched by the Jaegars in the Silent Forest.

The project Generation Alpha

"From the Iron Womb we create a healthy Human Child"

There is still some amounts of pre-war technology scattered around in north, sealed away in differed vaults. Inhabitants of Vault Outokumpu (known as OK), proud descendants of people of Nokia, decided to gather all their mechanical and biological knowledge and activate soon-to-be-unknown-and-useless machinery. It was an effort to produce full biological advanced human being, individual to better resistant to poison toxins and radiation. And of course, an desperate effort to find a solution for decreasing birth rate.

"When you find a traitor, give no mercy"

Alas nothing is perfect, never, and because of pitiful traitor Preston, the planned dawn of new humanity never came. The clones run, and are vanished. Svarta Svärden may be a splinter group of the clones from project Generation Alpha, yet they remember nothing of their origin.

Outokumpu is not a merciful place. Maybe it is still run by elder council, or maybe there are only old computers transmitting old commands, and all the inhabitants of OK are already dust and bones. Some transmissions from the north are still in the air.

Project Generation Alpha Outokumpu Transmissions


The eastern landscape of Karjala was mostly inhabited by Russian vault dwellers and Bolshevik colonists until the veteran clone soldiers of Svarta Svärden recently broke the back of the local Red People's Front defenders in a feat of unrivalled forest warfare. The Black Swords likewise massacred the civilians, thereby reclaiming depopulated Karjala as Finnish soil.


There are dark and old technical tribes buried deep in the bedrock of unknown wastelands of former Finland. Isolated vaults exists where pre-war technology still works and is even improved in many ways. These might be some proud descendants of Nokia, crawling in a tunnels and vaults underground. Might be. Might be not.

There are tales about a huge toxic Leech that has developed in some unnatural manner in the marshes of Talvivaara. The Leech needs daily sacrifices of fresh software and human DNA and it is chained using power cables and Tesla coils. When the russians cross the border, the Leech is unleashed upon them. But heck, who will listens such a rumors anyway?

Another story is that finnish techno-wizards are building abominable clone-army. When it is ready, thousands of mindless thralls are ready to beat the living daylight out of everybody. Such are fairytales, say I.