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[[File:Vibe-Raiders av Niklas Sandström 01.jpg|thumb|right|''Vibe-Raiders on the march (2147).'']]
[[File:Vibe-Raiders av Niklas Sandström 01.jpg|thumb|right|''Vibe-Raiders on the march (2147).'']]
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===Title thingy===
===Backstabbing (2147)===
[[Kill Town]] and the '''Vibe-Raiders''' participated in [[Konduktör Én]]'s unwitting betrayal of [[Pansarvargarna]]. This started when Konduktör'n (''at last, after so many years of trying!'') found a group willing to attack the other raiders from behind during a large battle against the Panzer Wolves. This willing and able group, were the Vibe-Raiders, and their neighbours in [[Kill Town]] followed suit. The infamous deed was carried out when they stayed behind to guard the right flank during an offensive against the Panzer Wolves led by [[Leo]]. On this sparse right flank, a few scouts seemed to lurk in the bush, looking into the forest. When the lead scout (the leader of the Panzer Wolf infiltrators) went up to Butch of the Vibe-Raiders and advised them to follow the main force into the sandland, Butch laughed and replied that they'd guard the flank instead. As the lead scout went back to his companions in the bush, [[Konduktör Én]] asked Butch if he should cut the lead scout down. "''Yes, sure!''" was Butch's command. ''Sköldis'' ran up and cut down the lead scout from behind to the utter surprise of the other scouts, who were mowed down by the Vibe-Raiders and [[Kill Town]]. These had however not been scouts, but Panzer Wolf infiltrators, and the next instant two large wild mutants, accompanied by Medibot 44637, appeared, and attacked them. Vibe-Raiders and [[Kill Town]] swore, shot and kited these mostrous killers away from the sandlands, where they should have attacked [[Leo]]'s fighters from the rear. The carefully laid plans of [[Pansarvargarna]] were destroyed because Konduktör'n had finally found willing accomplices in a mass betrayal, that didn't go according to plan.
In response, the furious leader of the Panzer Wolf infiltrators gathered a raid party of 20 on the spot, and unprecedently burst through the pallisade front gate of Stråssa in the dark of the evening. They were on a hunt, and their only true target was Konduktör Én. This group carried with them a wild mutant serum, with which they infected a number of unfortunates in the confusion of the evening darkness. Yet they found their real prey, when ''Sköldis'' burst out from his tent, sensing violence in the air. The infiltrators knocked him down and injected serum into the hated [[Konduktör Én]], whereupon the arch-traitor roamed the streets as a drooling and hissing monster, before being shot down, carried to Renovo hospital and evenutally cured of the serum. Nevertheless, Konduktör'n had been the sole reason for this attack of the Panzer Wolf infiltrators into the slums around Sinterverket in Stråssa.
Vibe-Raiders also participated in the infamous '''[[Lion Hunt of 2147]]'''. Indeed, their camp was the appointed mustering place for the vast lion hunt party at 13.00.
[[Category: Organization]] [[Category: Attending 2018]]
[[Category: Organization]] [[Category: Attending 2018]]

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Vibe-Raiders on the march (2147).

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