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There is great diversity in both looks and morale among the members, the only constant being the idea of maintaining one's honour.
There is great diversity in both looks and morale among the members, the only constant being the idea of maintaining one's honour.
[[File:HKM-Info Direkt Wiki 01.png|thumb|''[[Hjortkloe Manufaktur]] investigations of Info Direkt brought sensitive material to light. Yet who watches the watchers...?'']]
[[File:Vattenfederationen 01.png|thumb|''Top-secret document on the Water Federation leaked in 2146 from the archives of [[Info Direkt]] (p.I).'']]
[[File:Vattenfederationen 02.png|thumb|''Top-secret document on the Water Federation leaked in 2146 from the archives of [[Info Direkt]] (p.II).'']]
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We fought.
We fought.
'''Summary, 2146 (BBR4)'''
The Water Federation had pulled out of of the north, leaving behind a single, unfortunate tribesman. This member of the Water Federation came under ruthless [[Dukhi]] scrutiny following [[Konduktör Én]]'s handing-over of classified document copies from the archives of [[Info Direkt]]. This poor, lone man was forced by the [[Dukhi]] to read aloud all of the filthy, highly sensitive material (which may have been blatant lies through-and through), and was then questioned intensely by the [[Dukhi]]. He later on had his throat cut by [[Konduktör Én]] out in the woods. Such was the disgraceful end of the Water Federation in the cold north.
=== Group members ===
=== Group members ===

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The Water Federation (TM)
May the entities bless your profit.
Water is a privilege, not a right.
Agenda Profit, profit, profit and some honour.
Government Meritocracy/Liberal democracy
Techlevel Lowtech
Trade Clean water, luxurious items, protection money
Language Esperanto, English
Ethics Flexible
Out of Game
IRLCounterpart Cyprus and surrounding areas
Contact attackludd@hotmail.com
"Earn. Defend. Kill. Then enjoy the good life."
- Every worthy leader ever

The Water Federation is a trade coalition focusing on trade based on the idea of clean water. Their caravans are often seen in the southern regions of former Europe. Lately, they have also been spotted further north on a regular basis, as the Federation appears to be expanding aggressively.


The Federation is a relatively new organization, formed officially in 2135. Before that, the savage desert clans were always at each others throats. Because of this they never really got anything useful done, despite being a bunch of filthy rich bastards. The constant conflicts escalated into what came to be known as the Water Wars, 2130. The war lasted for 5 extremely bloody years, and eventually polarized the clans into the Federation and the outcasts. Outcast clans still exist and roam the dunes, but they are being managed by the Independent Federation Army. For the past decade, the Federation has been prospering and it almost seems as if long-term peace has been established. Rejoice.

The Legend of the first source

Legend has it, that when the dust settled after the great war, humankind woke up from the nightmare and realised they were still alive. Meanwhile, a crafty woman by the name of Alma sat guarding the old well in her village (historians place this some time around 2070). Alma had figured out the importance of clean, blue water. Based on this, Alma built the foundation of her water trading business. She would sit by the well day after day, and trade its clean contents for favours, food and shinies. Eventually Alma hired help, bought guns and other protective measures. The first water trading stronghold was born.
Alma-by-the-well was a business woman, not a saint. Still, we pay our respects to her as our entire society is built on her idea: clean water, and being a bully.


Known WF trade routs! More or less accurate.
The Sand shape the People and the People shape the Sand. Without Sand, no Life. Without Life, no Water. Without Water, no Sand. Everything is cyclic.

The people of the Water Federation are more used to sand than they are to the air they breathe. Warm sand, cold sand, dry sand - they know it all. Becoming one with the dunes is essential to staying alive, after all. The sand have a sort of yin-yang-relationship with water, and therefor with life itself. Everything between them is in balance, which is reflected in a dual-faced religion with a very strong presence. Being the unchallenged power-house around the Mediterranean sea, the people of the Federation are proud, strong and hospitable.

Their trade routes stretch far into every direction, and are relatively safe to travel for those who want to see the world. The caravans are especially valued for the steady stream of fabrics, clothes, spices, fresh fruit and other commodities they bring with them. But they also carry exotic items. Need something to give a silver lining to your day? Look no further. Then there is of course the business of water. One popular method is to enter an area, set up a complex water purification system, then tell the people in the area they can not steal Federation property. Meaning that from now on the local leaders will have to pay for the water supply.

However, to purify water is more than a simple mean of income to theses desert dwellers. It is a life mission, to some even the very purpose of existence. Caravans exist, not only to amass wealth, but also to expand the sphere of influence further, bringing more settlements into the fold of the Water Federations way of life.

Besides the trade-routes and small settlements alongside them, there are stories of a very shiny capital city somewhere on an island in the middle of the seas. Councils are favored over one person-rule, and leaders earn their positions by hard work and ruthlessness as well as actual skills and merits.

Within its power-center, The Federation have a relatively well established educational system. They also have access to a great many ancient technological marvels, like aqueducts and functioning indoor plumbing. These luxuries are being provided by the wealthiest families within the Federation. Donations are considered a wealthy persons' social responsibility.


Tech is generally seen as unnatural and frowned upon. When the use advanced technology is necessary, the task will be outsourced to a subcontractor. The combination of human and robotic features is seen as shameful and dirty, especially by the older clan leaders. Lately there has been talk of a new wave of blood ritualists, claiming the right to use advanced technology if they can come by it. Overall, calling someone "Petrolblood" or "Machineman" is extremely rude and disrespectful.

Culture of honour

Honour and loyalty play a big part in everyday life. Bringing "shame on your circle" is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. You are expected to keep your word, stay loyal to your circle, perform your duties skillfully and respect your superiors - unless you are willing to fight them for their position. Hierarchy and status are ever present themes.

Leaders make sure to keep their people in line and punish them if needed. This makes the Federation somewhat of a culture of honour. Each person carries a responsibility to their family, friends and co-workers. If dishonourable behaviour puts shame on a circle, it is up to the leader of that circle to wash the shame away. This usually happens through physical or mental punishment, torture, exile or the like. This cultural aspect is very noticeable within the military ranks.


There are two main entities, the Twins; Sand Mother Samida and Water Mother Erajda. Furthermore, there are three state entities; Moon Queen Fegari, Sun King Illion and the Keeper of the Blood and Electromagnetism, Erekam. The Federation considers everything in possession of a soul, and you are expected to find at least one entity to devote your life to. The state entities all have dedicated temples, with ritualists and traditions connected to that entity. The Federation believes that the entities were responsible for the big catastrophe, and that they need to be kept happy to avoid another apocalypse.

The Army

The Independent Federation Army consist of a few thousand souls. It may not be the largest one around - but the Water Federation prides itself on quality rather than quantity. Officers usually receive an education at the Academy of Warfare, also known as the Uni of H.O.T.K.E.W, before assuming their command. One of the mandatory classes to graduate, is Kill-by-hand-combat.

The common soldier receives at least some kind of basic training before being sent to one of the regiments. At large, though, the Water Federation relies on local muscle and mercenaries to keep the peace inside its’ sphere of influence. These are, like the business partners, usually marked with id-tags around their necks.

The army is heavily connected to the entity Sand Mother Samida. Any kill or blood spill is considered to be done in Her name, unless specified otherwise.


The Water Federation logo, reading "Aqua Federacio", Water Federation in Esperanto.
The caravans are easily recognized, mostly because they all fly the banner of the Federation. A trusted business partner will also carry a unique id-badge adorned with code-signs.

Individualism is maintained and encouraged so there are no standard uniforms in use. Many of the members earn a somewhat honest living while hiring others to do the dirty work. Showing off is not optional but mandatory, so fine clothes are relatively common. Silk, lace and designs inspired by nature have long been common themes in the crazy fashion of the desert. The trends grow more and more lavish the richer the Federation becomes.

Status symbols (water rings, ridiculously fine fabrics and unpractical clothing) are common in the richer caravans as well as in big settlements. Being people of the desert, almost everyone of them carry some kind of cloth to wrap around the face as protection against sand and wind. It is considered a terrible fashion crime to not wear at least a few layers of clothes rather than just simple outfit.

Members of the Federation are often loud and colourful individuals, who do not shy away from public display of emotion. There is great diversity in both looks and morale among the members, the only constant being the idea of maintaining one's honour.


We came, we won, we ate dried mango.


Summary, 2143 (BBR1) A smallish group of water hunters were sent to the north, to investigate the possibility of a greater expansion. The mission had a low success rate and was considered a "suicide mission" by some negative folks. We prefer to think of it as high difficulty, low profile, requiring some very talented team members to maximise the chance of success. Captain Leah deMarco was choosen to lead the mission, not because of her shady history and the political plots against her family, but because she was deemed a good fit. And boy, were we right?!

The team did very well and ended up securing a powerful entity (referred in reports as an "aritificial intelligence") known as Rocco, mounted in a "Space Laser". Rocco was asked to eliminate some of our enemies, and then set free to do as she pleased, as all entities should obviouly be unbound. The Peoples Red Front took issue with this, but we are happy to have helped the free market rid itself of the former Russian capital city.

Since then, temples dedicated to Rocco has popped up in our capital City, diplomatic talks have opened up with several nothern groups, and a slow expansion of the northern trade lines has started. We are pleased to see that the team did so well, despite the low chances of success. We are also happy that most of the orignial team survived - some might claim we hoped they would perish in this near-impossible mission of death and misery. But we are truly happy to have secured Rocco, new friends, lots of business and an entirely new outpost in the supposedly deadly north. We are not bitter that the team surivived, or that the deMarco family now has even more power in our local parliment.

Summary, 2144 (BBR2) We decided to send some people back up to the north, since the last mission was such a great success. This time, we made sure to streamline resources and time, in an attempt to see how much strain the management of this newly formed outpost could handle. Again, Captain deMarco was told to bring the people she needed (with restrictions due to the economical risks involved) and to set up a reliable hub for trade and water purification of the north.

We fought.

Group members

Army folks:

Commander Leah deMarco
Former captain of the Independent Federation Army, she now does her civic duty to defend, organise and manage outpost Valkyrie. She is to queen bee, the top notch, the one you follow.

Lieutenant Bracho
Second-in-command to Commander deMarco, he does all the dirty work as well as order the other army grunts around.

Petrús aka Pet
One of Brachos (not so stable minded) soldiers.

The Mercenaries:

Marco diAngelo
The leader of the pack, highly motivated and deadly.

Joanna Flink
Gun slinger with a dangerously sharp mind.

Beware of knives and smiles. Mostly smiles.

The quiet type. Probably the most dangerous (but who can tell with these people?)

Heavily armed and tremendously motivated to find a way to make water our of people.

She likes cucumber. And science!


The Diplomat, Calon Longspine
In charge of the diplomatic side of things, he holds the check book and has the right to sign deals and contracts.

Who is Amber, you might ask yourself. She asks herself that question too, but she likes to help out where she can and is often seen following others around to be of use with whatever task is at hand.

Procurer Johaar Quassar
He can make anyone buy anything. Often works together with Cal to make sure everyone (mostly the Federation) gets the best deals.

Photojournalist and Sun ritualist Edwin McDarling
A former artist turned spiritual, he now uses his charm and wit to make sure everyone knows their place. Which is in front of his camera, of course.

Entrepreneur Abby, of the T-house
Abby owns and runs the T-house. Abby likes everyone, but does not want any bullshit, and she will shoot you in the face if you mess with her business.