Water Wars, 2130

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A bloody conflict between desert clans of what used to be southern Europe and northern Africa. Took place between the years 2130 and 2135 and led to the formation of The Water Federation

All you really need to know is: The manager of the Sinterplant, Commander Leah deMarco, hates talking about the the Water Wars and you should totally avoid asking her about them.


Around the year 2120, the water traders had established themselves upon the crumpled world map. Especially around the Sour-Seas in the south-west of former Europe and northern Africa. People from the settlements there knew them well, or at least well enough to know that they was perfectly capable of defending and selling their water, no matter how hairy the situation was. Rumors of their mysterious caravans flew through every tavern, waterhole and town.
The water traders spread like wildfire through the desert. And, like most quickly expanding ventures, began to fall apart. The water market suffered a galloping inflation. Different clans inside the organization began claiming lands as their own. True chaos soon erupted, plunging the budding civilization into madness and fire before it had had the chance of creating its first city.
War, true and unfettered, broke out between the different tribes. For five dreadful years the desert ran red with blood. The brutal civil war shattering the dreams of a unified state that had been born from work done by Alma-by-the-well. The war became known as the “Water-Wars” shortly thereafter.

"It was mad, I'm telling you. I was there, I seen the collapsing caves and blood-red riverbanks."


Those left standing were the hardest, toughest and slyest of all the desert foxes. Tribes and their leaders, grown weary of killing one another without any profit or end in sight, banded together. United under a single banner the Water Federation saw the light of a new day.

Those few left on the loosing side, were told to join as slaves or forever run from the wrath of the new coalition. Most of them chose the smart option and surrendered, but some still hide in the sands.