Weeping Widow

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Present members
Kruger (photo: Erika Möller)
High tolerance Mutants
Low tolerance Humans
Religion The book (Dödsspegeln)
Contact martin.tigre.torngren@gmail.com


Weeping Widow is the remains of a few prisoners that escaped an experimental prison island. The original members were Krin (Aka the General), Arzten and Kruger himself.


The only member active in Stråssa today is Kruger with his book. The book acts as his inner voice and compass as he is on a set path to bring justice to enemies and oppressors of mutants. Atleast, that is what he states.

Kruger is the one that mutants in need turns to. A self proclaimed mother of mutants. He will judge and punish thoose guilty of crimes against mutants. Always accordingly to the wishes of the book.

Kruger has gone through several violent mutations and changes to his personality. He has just entered his fourth phase. A phase he managed to reach thanks to the aid of his long lost blood brother Oblique.

Kruger in his 3rd form