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The Zonetravellers
Members 5
Occupation Scavengers
Main income Selling valuable junk found in the wasteland
Secondary income Highway robbery
Location Junction of Hook St. and Omega St.
Active No
Out of Game
Location Stockholm
Contact abrahamssonmathias@gmail.com


The Zonetravellers are a ragtag bunch of reckless junkhoarders, who travel from zone to zone in search of valuable scraps and loot. Primarily fuelled by a longing for riches, they have been into the toxic, radioactive cesspools of the former civilization more times than they can count on their toes - and they have more than you do.

When found in established societies, they are often found bartering with junk they've found, panhandling in the streets, or getting drunk in the local tavernas. They are also known to occasionally run scams against other wastelanders in order to gain a few more kaps. When hard pressed for money, it is not seldom for them to turn to highway robbery or ambush. An honest days work is rare, but not unheard of. If the kaps is good, they can be persuaded to be a disorganized but highly motivated militia.

In terms of practical skills, they are sciolistic at best. Amateurs in many fields, but will act as if they are more knowledgeable, even if proven wrong. Wether this is a consious behaviour or just their natural way is up for debate.

More info to come.

Character roster


(Mathias Abrahamsson): Bearded, jolly fellow, with 'getting rich' as his primary goal in life, no matter what it takes to get there. Digging through the trash of the old civilization, or digging through the pockets of newly killed opponents, it makes no difference - his hands will gladly get dirty either way, as long as there are some kaps to show for it. Friendly enough when found with a beer in his hand and music in his ears.

During a rather devastating Panzerwolf raid including a band of Doom Wolves, Doxon went missing and is presumed killed in action.

Eva-Lena 'Skurken' Skurk

(Jenny Modée): Skurken is that regular opponent the hero must face on the way to the final boss - curious, greedy and pretty dense. "Risk evaluation" is unheard of, and anything not bolted to the ground is fair stealing to get fast cash, and fast cash is used for cool gadgets that can generate more cash. And booze. And glitter.


(Johan Nyqvist): Jethro is an opportunist, a doer with quite flexibel morality, but not lacking a sense of right and wrong - maybe just on when and how to act on it. Collects whatever junk he believes can be turned into profit, wearing patched, homemade garments and gear. Everything is fixable. Has a serious weakness for all kinds of intoxicants, and an unusually strong reaction to all kinds of chemicals - perhaps due to a mutated or just very worn out liver.

Kuddvar 'Skurktvå'

(Saga Stigsdotter): TBA


(Kristoffer-Tim Westberg): Happy-go-lucky, energetic and not to be trusted. Being the groups scout and prospector, Kelsey claims to have seen more of the world than anyone else. Of course, like the rest of the group, this claim should be treated lightly. Formidable in his use of both charm and shotguns, it is best not to point it out, though.