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"You can't call yourself a mutanthunter just because you only hunt wild mutants! It's as if i was a humanhunter because i only kill Pansarvargar"
Agenda Further the fight for mutant rights
Likes Mutants, human allies
Dislikes Mutant hunters, Nova, anyone that believes humans are superior
Hobby Yelling at humans.
Out of Game
Contact Shout on facebook!
Player Katie Sandström


Vega was born by a human mother and a (presumably) human twin brother. The mother believed that getting both a son and a daughter was a sign that their father had finished his purpose. She killed him and fed the children his blood. She had a darwinist approach during which she and her brother was pitted against each other. On their 18th birthday they were forced to fight to the death. Vega won, and to handle this fact, she found solace in that she survived because she was a mutant, it made her the superior being and humans had no place if they competed.

Recent history


The first time Vega showed up was in company with another mutant. She had been persuaded by him that mutants were superior and humans deserved to die. It was the mutants time to rise. But she had her doubts, wouldn't cooperation be better? She quickly gained an ally with Erik Asbester and together they searched for others to join their cause.
After witnessing a brutal torture of a human to turn them into a mutant, she left the mutant she left the side as a second in command and took over the party. Gaining funds from Skatteverket, allies that followed her and an attack on Nova that was stopped only by the attack by the panzer wolves happening at the worst moment.

Red Peoples Front

Vega decided to take a position as an ambassador. Trying to create an understanding between humans and mutants. This was made problematic by her insistence on that mutants were persecuted. A mutant hunter was extremely inappropriate as a title, a vendor saying "even mutants are welcome" got an earful. She even gave Leo a piece of her mind when he tried to get Erik Asbester tested to see if he was a wild mutant.


While you as a player can choose to know any of the information in this wiki (totally up to you, you beautiful creature), below is a few suggestions on things one might have picked up/things that might be fun to play on. You can always of course choose to not know a thing about the character - the apocalypse is a big place after all.

  • Some connection between her and TURBO_DIESEL who seems to believe she is meant for some kind of higher purpose.