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Snapphaneklanen and Operative Agent of Hjortkloe Manufaktur in Stråssa (2147). Photo by Sanna Lindén
Apollyon of Snapphaneklanen tearing into his arch-enemy (2148). Photo by Mikaela Ela Rudström.
Beatrice Klarion, together with Apollyon, leader of Snapphaneklanen (2147). Photo by Karin Källström
Foul rumours as seen in HKM Comics Lion Hunt (2147). Open source
Eminent citizens' comments on the rumours about the mutant brothel as seen in HKM Comics Steam Roller (2148). Open source

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Scanians mad in coffee. Prone to claiming Stråssa bridges as Scanian ground and demanding bridge toll fees.

Klaus Ritter, Apollyon's imported torpedo from what was once Germany. Snapphanarna send their regards.

Rune Rost, the coffeemaster of Snapphaneklanen. An experimenting magician of coffee roasting and the brain behind SHK's coffee magic. He is the source of the clan's economical success. He keeps bragging about when he once had 100 different coffee roasts. His favourite is either the breadroast or the yellroast, of which the latter is the most popular kind of coffee of them all, since the coffee has been roasted with 3 hairy men (the exact process of which is kept secret).

Vendetta with Konduktör Én (2147)

After an evening raid, Apollyon of Snapphaneklanen astonishingly revealed to Konduktör Én that he had seen Jonas Hjortkloe at the mutant brothel (meaning implicitly that he himself had also visited said establishment). This conversation quickly turned sour, however, as the dismissive leader of Snapphanarna explained that the bridge at their camp was Scanian ground, and no one would pass without paying bridge toll. The treacherous reptilian brain of the lowly HKM henchman spun at this cheeky business practice, and his thirst for blood awoke in that instant. Calmly, he told Apollyon that he would see how many caps he had in his wallet on the inside of his shield, where he in reality keeps his antique sword sheathed. Drawing this blade, Konduktör'n cut Apollyon down in the dark of the night, and ran from the scene, screaming "Scanian ground!"

The revenge of Snapphaneklanen came next evening, when a couple of hired assassins shot down Sköldis with regards from the Scanians. Borstis was given an explosive enema by his alleged friends in Pang i Bygget, and was up and running within minutes. However, as he rose from the ground, another group of strangers approached, and one of them wished to challenge Konduktör Én for unknown purposes. Spluttering something about them having to line up in a queue, Borstis stumbled forward, and was cut down in the ensuing fight. It was deemed a good fight, though.

This was not the end of Snapphaneklanen's animosity toward Konduktör Én, however, for the very next day Konduktör'n publicly offended Apollyon. As Kvasten led the vast party of lion hunters (see Lion Hunt of 2147) past Snapphanarnas camp, and within earshot from Hjortkloe Manufaktur's operative agent in Stråsa, he called out to the lion hunters: "Leo has went to a mutant brothel, just like Hjortkloe and the leader of Snappanarna!" One of the Scanians shouted out: "What the hell do you say about us!?" Yet they were ignored, for Konduktör'n and the lion hunters had bigger fish to fry: Namely, Leo.

Later that day, during a large knifefight between Kumlamilisen and Castor's crew which Borstis participated in for the heck of it, he was cut down. As he lay bleeding in the sinter dust, a familiar face appeared above him: Apollyon of Snapphaneklanen. "Do you remember me?" the Scanian asked. They exchanged a few words, whereupon Konduktör'n revealed what Nared of Pang i Bygget had told him: Leo had screwed a mutated Elk! With a grin splitting his face, Apollyon knifed Konduktör Én in the throat. As Sköldis lay unconscious in the dirt, Beatrice Klarion from Progresse appeared above him, heaping abuse and disappointment over the henchman, telling him that he had broken against the hierarchy of Stråssa by assaulting Leo and trying to rub out the HKM logo from Konduktör Én's helmet. Beatrice indignantly reported on the incident of the Lion Hunt of 2147 in her blog, yet the higher-ups in Progresse would take notice of the scandal in a far different manner than the blogger did. For the light in which they saw the incident, was not one merely of soured relations with their coffee-drinking business partners of Snapphanarna, but one of a new asset skilled at scheming, propaganda and rabblerousing appearing among their paid ranks. An expendable asset, with considerable field experience...