Förste Ballastöversittare

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Förste Ballastöversittare Pumpvett. Photo by Alex Lithander
Symbol of Tåget.
Pumpvett. Photo by Alex Lithander
Pumpvett taking decisive action to save the fine drink of Jonas Hjortkloe.' Photo by Alex Lithander'

Förste Ballastöversittare Pumpvett (first name unknown) is a member of the Locomotive Engineer Tribe of Tåget, from Rälsa-Krylbo. Guarded by Konduktör Én.

In 2148, Förste Ballastöversittare Pumpvett had planned to sell share in the Thundering Grand Train, yet his drunken stupor instead led the miserable wretch astray. He ended up a hostage of the Devilmen.