Thundering Grand Train

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Symbol of Tåget.
Blueprint for the Thundering Grand Train.

The ongoing megalomaniac construction project of Tåget outside Rälsa-Krylbo, following the successful completion of the Artery. The true nature of the Thundering Grand Train is unknown outside the triple-tribal union of Tåget. Förste Ballastöversittare will travel to Stråssa in 2148 to sell shares and apartments of this future wonder of the world.

2144 saw the destruction of Erik Asbester's home village by the conquering slavehunters of Tåget's Conductor Tribe, with all captives being marched back to Rälsa-Krylbo. As the ultimate gesture of domination, the central axis of the Thundering Grand Train is being built right on top of where the destroyed pontoon village recently existed.

To be revealed...

Tåget's Expansion and Thundering Ambitions (2139-)

In 2139, the entire Locomotive Engineer Tribe emerged from a lengthy meeting, and called all of Tåget to heed their word. When the Navvy and Conductor Tribes had gathered in their entirety, Högste Tunnelbanemästrinna Arikea Bergdrägg spoke with a booming voice, to a spellbound audience. The sermon was long and detailed, and the presented blueprints were convoluted and absurd, yet the disciplined tribesfolk lapped it all up like thirsting souls in the desert. The sacred priestly Tribe of Tåget had analysed the Great Engine Driver's writings with exactitude, and had at last assembled a working plan to turn the mythical ambitions into reality. The Grand Train would come to roll at last, and Tåget would make it happen, yet it would require labours and sacrifices the like of which had never been seen since the end of the ancient world.

In extatic furor, the entire freeborn population of Tåget swore to create this marvel of the world, no matter the price to be paid. Echoing inside the halls of Rälsa-Krylbo, they swore vigorously to balk at nothing in order to attain worldly power and resources for the great undertaking. And so the grand plan was set in motion: The Thundering Grand Train would be built.

Tåget's first steps were to arm and drill their Conductor Tribe into a lethal offensive force, while the Navvies set about dismantling the ruins of Avesta Steelworks for material, a great labour that would take many years to complete. In 2144, shortly after the lowly barbarian Erik Asbester had left his small pontoon fishing village in Dalälven for Stråssa, his entire village and seven others like it were attacked and conquered by the forces of Tåget. The Conductors entered the shantyvilles with shackles and whips, and they enslaved all who could not escape or end their own lives. This shocking spree of conquest purely for the sake of enslavement is still ongoing. It fills the ranks of Tåget's swelling slave labour force, yet the aggressive slavehunting and subjugation has lately resulted in a nomadic coalition forming in Bergslagen. This alliance is still too feeble to challenge Tåget, yet the relentless warfare of this triple-tribal union is slowly feeding the coalition new members of desperate wastelanders. No matter; Tåget will simply have to outwit and outfight them all, and crush all before it. It is do or die, and the fanatics of Rälsa-Krylbo will let nothing stand in their way.

And so a maverick landscape of scaffolding rise over the southern bend of Dalälven, at the cost of unspeakable human suffering and loss of life...