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All maintenance is last minute maintenance (2143). Photo by BCDavis Photography
The Book of Knowledge. Photo by Malak Shaloon
Malak Shaloon in the Sinterplant of Stråssa (2146). Photo by Sarah Burchill
Heart of Gullgaukn. Photo by Malak Shaloon

Malak Shaloon, brilliant technician of ARS&e Mechanics, with a sharp tongue, twisted humour and a hot temper. She originally hailed from Vault Outokumpu in former Finland (the Land of A Thousand Acid Lakes). Due to being modified and trained in Outokumpu, Malak is most likely way older than she seems. Because of long lifespan, Malak has seen a lot in her days, including the decay and decline of the world around her. Witnessing such a disappointing turn for the worse, has led her to decide that the world deserves to burn and “humankind is doomed anyway.”

Because of a diminishing human population Vault Outokumpu conducted a successful cloning program in order to produce tougher and more fertile humans to survive the irradiated wasteland. It was sabotaged by a maverick idealist, the traitor known as Prestor. In response to the burning-down of the cloning facility and the escape of the clones, Vault Outokumpu sent out Malak Shaloon to track down the runaways. She found her brain installed with a chip which allowed her home Vault to communicate with her over long distances, yet Malak would soon abandon her mission and turn her back on her despised home.

Malak was the author of the Book of Knowledge, a tome of disturbing insights and revelations: Not all of them accurate, but many of them ominous.

Misidentified Generation Alpha Clones

Outokumpu developed the clones of Generation Alpha in order to produce tougher and more fertile humans able to survive and reproduce in the irradiated blasted wastes and silent forests of former Finland, the Land of A Thousand Acid Lakes.

Unbeknownst to Svarta Svärden, in 2143 Malak of ARS&e Mechanics received recurring, irritating brainchip messages from her abandoned home of Vault Outokumpu. Malak's distant people tried to press her into searching for a band of escaped superhuman Finnish clones (tougher and more fertile in order to give humanity a future in the irradiated wastelands of former Finland), let loose from Vault Outokumpu by the traitor Preston. Malak seem to have heeded these annoyances enough to look for the clones in Stråssa, yet mistakenly identified Charlie's Clone Crew as the escapees, never realizing that Svarta Svärden were in fact the actual escapees from Vault Outokumpu.

Instead, Vattuman of Water Federation set in motion a chain of events which saw ARS&e Mechanics in general, and Malak in particular, come to look on Svarta Svärden with disgust and anger. A misunderstanding born out of a noble wish to save the innocent resulted in Svarta Svärden blundering into the climax of a confrontation betwee ARS&e and others, unwittingly destroying the conclusion of convoluted intrigue and the solution to important questions. Wroth, Malak shouted at Svarta Svärden, who has since avoided her like the plague, slinking away at any opportunity so that Malak would not be given the chance to find them again. To this day, the Black Swords call her "Angry Saiiuuma" and look warily over their shoulders, still years after Malak disappeared from Stråssa.

Heart of Gullgaukn

In 2145, Gullgaukn of Gullstäutar Handelsmannagille (the prophet of Gutaland) underwent a heart replacement at the hands of CyberCom. Yet their faulty technology failed to keep blood pressure up and did not respond to the needs of the patient, leading to a buildup in cardiac problems which eventually would result in the heart blowing up or melting down. Malak Shaloon of ARS&e Mechanics was called in help Gullgaukn, yet found herself halted by CyberCom guards. Malak ordered her bots to intrude and claimed the heart by main force. The heart of Gullgaukn was subsequently donated to Le Arte Finito in 2146, where it was displayed in their art gallery as a of CyberCom's work and hindrance of ARS&e. The heart was later stolen, and eventually given to Captain Leo.

The following pages are extracted from Malak's Book of Knowledge: